What is C form? Why C form is so important?

Hello friends, Today In this post I will tell you what is C form, C form in GST and all details about C forms so if you want to know about c form then read this post completely.

What is C form?

What is c form

We also call C form as CST which means Central Sales Tax. This is a business term. People who do business activity must know about CST.

If you do not know about CST, let me first tell you – “Whenever we purchase goods, we have to pay tax on it, it is called CST.”
We have to pay 5% CST on the goods purchased.

Example: Suppose you have purchased goods worth Rs 1 Lakh, on which you have given 5% CST (Central Sales Tax) to the seller, which will be deposited in the sales tax department.

But if we want, we can avoid giving this 5% amount and instead of that we can pay some amount as CST only.

For this, we have to give them a form called C form. If we give them the C form, then we have to pay only 2% CST along with our Goods Amount.

Example: If there is a goods of 1 lakh rs/- then we have to give only 2000 rs/- as CST. That is, when we pay 102000 rs/- to the seller, only then will he release our goods.

Some Questions Related to ‘C’ forms

Q. What is definition of C form?

Ans. C form is a certificate issued by a registered dealer or buyer of any state to a registered seller of another state. We have to pay 2% sales tax on goods with C form.

Q. What to fill in C forms?

Ans. We have to fill Name, address and registration number of both supplier and purchaser. Details of goods purchased like bill number, bill date and amount of goods, Serial number of ‘C’ Form, State of Issue etc.

Q. Who issues the C Forms?

Ans. The Sales Tax Authority issues the C forms to the buyer.

Q. In which method C form is filled online or offline?

Ans. Both method you can use (you can fill C form online as well as offline)

Q. Why C form is issued?

Ans. Business transactions between different states must be done with a certificate, known as a C form. It is issued by the seller of the goods to the buyer of the goods for the purpose of effecting a reduction in the tax rate So the C form is issued.

Q. When does C form become important?

Ans. when goods are moving from one state to another state, at that time C form become really important.

Q. From where can we fill online C form?

Ans. You can fill online C form through its official website.

Q. What is the official website for filling C form online?

Ans. https://indianfrro.gov.in/

Q. Why use C form in hotel?

Ans. C form is used to identify the legal arrival of foreign guests and is designed to collect prior information of foreign guests.


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