V Xpress tracking service in India | 6 stages of V-Xpress

Hello friends, today we will know about a fast and reliable courier delivery service which is “V Xpress tracking service” across India.

About V Xpress

V Xpress is a courier service providing company in India. This company provides its courier service across all states of India. It is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

V Xpress also provides real-time tracking facilities to its customers. It stems from an organization which is formerly known as Vijay Transport LTD. Founded by Shri Kunverji K. shah in 1958.

6 Stages of V-Xpress for their good work

V express follows 6 stages for a completely safe and reliable delivery service. They done PRO-6 promise to their customer.

So what is the PRO-6 promise – so “it is a promise that the company gives its every customer to give them good and satisfied delivery service.”

PRO-6 from V Express delivery, damage-free, shortage free delivery service of cargo. It is there 6 stage consignment movement and tracking system.

So we can track and know the exact status of the consignment at every stage. This is a 6 stage of operational excellence.

So Let’s know about this 6 stages –

Stage 1

(It starts with branch office where your consignment bought)

  • Their team visit the customer and pick up the consignment and take it to the booking branch.( this is the area where all consignment are booked )
  • Then they check the consignment for their weight and quality of packing.
  • Then a docket entry is made in their customized in-house software E-cargo.
  • Every consignment is then loaded onto feet of an acre and the vehicle is sealed with their seal of safety.
  • The consignment moves out of the branch in the vehicle the same evening and reaches the booking hub on the same night before 11 pm.

Stage 2

(Consignment arrives at booking hub)

  • Every booking hub has a hub manager. Here at the booking hub, Goods arrives from different branches.
  • All consignment from the branches reaches the collection hub and have to be unloaded before 2 a.m.
  • V-Xpress has 20 hubs across India.
  • It is operating 24*7 and delivering to 10,000 + locations across India.

After consignments are unloaded it becomes ready for the third stage.

Stage 3

(Consignment speedily dispatched to the destination)

  • They sort the goods according to their destination and load the line their vehicle which immediately leaves for their destination.
  • All entries of loading are made into the eCargo software.
  • Every vehicle that leaves the hub is locked and sealed to ensure full safety of your valuable consignment.
  • V-Xpress has over 600 weatherproof containerized vehicles and more than 300 branches across India in 24 states and 3 union territories.
  • All loaded vehicles give the booking hub on the same night.
  • Most of the trucks are also equipped with GPS devices so that we can track their exact location.
  • After the trucks leave the booking hub, it moves to the fourth Stage.

Stage 4

(This is the stage 4 where your consignment arrives here, it has covered a major part of its journey)

  • Here the truck seals are checked and goods are unloaded.
  • Then immediately goods are loaded onto other vehicles for dispatch with the various delivery branches.
  • Every hub has mechanized goods handling equipment to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.
  • Docket entries are made for every loading and unloading in the eCargo software.
  • All consignments have to move out of the delivery hubs before 8 a.m. and reach the respective branches on the same morning.
  • Forth stage signifies the end of the major movement of goods.

Stage 5

(At this stage the consignment arrives at the delivery branch)

  • Here goods are unloaded and check against the docket entries and then sent for doorstep delivery.
  • V-Xpress understands the impact of logistics in your business that’s why unlike ordinary transport providers their Express logistics services assure door to door time-bound deliveries of your cargo.
  • Every consignment that arrives at the branch office is delivered the same day.

Stage 6

(It is the final stage of their operational excellence where the goods delivered to the delivery address)

  • It is on-time doorstep delivery without damage and without shortage.
  • At every stage, the V Express team at their head office in Mumbai performs validation checks.
  • Every hub is connected to the head office through CCTV the movement of the consignment is closely monitored 24*7 at every stage, every branch, every hub.
  • Your consignments are carefully handled to ensure damage-free delivery.

At any stage, if any person is facing any challenge in delivering services he or she will raise the ticket as per the prescribed format and assign it to the concerned person responsible for resolution.

A responsible person will resolve the issue within a time frame. It will get escalated to the top management automatically.

Their 1100+ motivated and trained personnel provide highly efficient services that ensure your peace of mind.

They have invested in designing an implementation of their customized ERP software eCargo to provide quick access and monitor progress at every stage of your cargo movement.

So this is the method that they use for complete 6 Stages of Operational Excellence.

Some points which prove that V Express is a Perfect courier tracking service in India

V-Xpress, Express Logistics reduces downtime optimizes inventory management and efficiently support distribution and saves precious time and sources.

They say that never wonder more and more businesses are turning to express Logistics streamline supply chain operations.

Whether your requirement for a single location or multiple locations, V Express assures reliability and safety of your goods besides roadways.

  • V Express also carries goods by Railways and by Air.
  • Combining the Essential elements of people processes and Technology.
  • V Express comes with a commitment to time bound service.
  • Tourist trap pickup and delivery across 10000+ destinations across India.
  • Transparency and accountability at every stage.

V Express Customer care contact number

V Express Chennai customer care contact number – +91 9344016664

V Express New Delhi customer care contact number – +91 9312425172, +91 9313970304, +91 9312856580

V Express Navi Mumbai customer care contact number – +91 22 27594444, +91 22 61040700

V Express Rajkot customer care contact number – +91 9376939608

V Express Gaziabad customer care contact number – +91 9310281600

V Express Customer care Email addresses

V Express Chennai email address – [email protected]

V Express New Delhi email address – [email protected]

V Express Navi Mumbai email address – [email protected]

V Express Rajkot email address – [email protected]

V Express Gaziabad email address – [email protected]

Some questions related to V Express

Here are some questions that most people are asking about V Xpress courier service tracking service –

Q. Is V express perfect for courier tracking?

Ans. Yes, V Express is really one of the best and trusted courier tracking service in India

Q. How does this PRO-6 work well?

Ans. It works with six stages for completing delivery service so know more about working method of six stages in this article.

Q. What is an eCargo?

Ans. eCargo is a software customized by V Xpress company. It is a software which provides quick access and monitors progress at every stage of your cargo movement.

Q. What is the full form of eCargo?

Ans. eCargo full form is “Express Cargo”

Q. How can I track my shipment of v Xpress?

Ans. It is a two step process  to find yourself shipment through online tracking with vxpress 👇👇👇

Step 1. First of all, Go to the V-Xpress website.

Step 2. Then Enter your shipment number and click on “Track”

v xpress tracking

By following these steps, you can track your shipment online.


In this article, I have tried to give you Useful information about “V Xpress tracking service.” At this time I hope you understand V Express tracking.

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