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Suraksha Store Yojana was launched by the central government for boarding all essential commodity stores in the platform of the Arogya Setu App.

Due to the lock-down in the country, people are afraid to buy goods from the grocery store going out, so under this scheme, about 20 lakh security stores will be opened in the country by the central government.

Under this scheme, general banking stores have been converted into sanitary retail stores. Would be Today we are going to provide you all the information about the security store registration through this article, so read the end of this article.


Under this scheme, all the reviews have to be registered at the security stores started by the central government.

Information will be provided on training the safety store registration shops, training employees, and implementing the necessary measures in the store for proper sanitation of retail stores and for the prevention and prevention of coronavirus infection.

Only local textile stores, pharmacy and other essential commodity shops of the country are eligible under this scheme Certificate Registration Portal

Interested beneficiaries of the country who wish to avail the facility offered by the government under this scheme can register themselves online by visiting the official website of the Arogya Setu Suraksha App.

On this online portal, shopkeepers of the country can register their merchant store and get a certificate.

Like his shop could be completely free of the corona. The shopkeeper had to implement those measures in his shop after the country was trained by the government.

So that shop will go under the category of security store. This type of shopkeeper must follow all the rules.

Purpose of Security Store Registration

As you know, due to coronavirus, the country has locked down, but the government has given an exemption for the things needed, but this is due to the fear of people going to the Chinese store to get food. The government has started the scheme named after this security store.

Under this security store scheme, Chinese stores will be converted into security stores. Many measures will be taken to keep the stores safe from Corona.

After getting the store tag, the local store will get an opportunity to work for the community during this difficult time and their store will get offline customer access with the help of the Arogya Setu app and it Will reduce the risk of spreading.

Security Store Registration Features

  • Under the scheme, the government plans to convert 20 lakh shops into security stores.
  • Interested beneficiaries of the country who want to avail benefits under this scheme, they can also apply for security store registration on foreign store official website i.e.
  • The government is taking the help of all FMCG companies to collect data from all small stores.
  • The government is asking FMCG companies to implement this scheme in their region.
  • Under the security store, proper training will be provided to the owner of all electronics stores with the information and protocols set by the central team.
  • The training program will focus on guidelines for a safe supply chain process.
  • The benefit of this scheme will be provided only to the agricultural store owners of the country.

Benefits of Security Stores

  • Store owners will ensure that there is proper chalk marking clock with a distance of at least two meters.
  • Under this scheme, store officials will be required to ensure that only 1 person is allowed at the counting counter at a time.
  • The customer will use sanitizer/disinfectant before entering retail outlets.
  • The employees of the outlet will follow all the guidelines issued by the central government, including wearers, globs, etc.
  • As per the guidelines issued by the officials, proper withdrawal of the billing counter, PSO machine, basketball, and doorknob will be done every 4 hours.
  • The owner of the store will ensure to stick to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs on the store wall.
  • There will be non-hand operated baskets for handling all items like a mask, tissue, etc.
  • To keep yourself safe, download the Arogya Setu App.

How to do Security Store Registration Online?

Interested beneficiaries of the country who want to register security stores, then follow the method given below―

  • First, the applicant has to visit the official website of the security store. After visiting the official website, the home page will open in front of you.
  • You will see the registration form on this home page. If you are already registered, then click on the option of already registered.
  • If not, then you have to fill all the information asked in the registration form like the manager’s name, mobile number, store name, store type, state, city, etc.
  • After filling all the information you have to click on the Get Certified button to submit.

Once you click the submit button, the officer will contact the applicant with the entire training program. In this way, your registration will be completed.

Suraksha Store App ― (Arogya Setu)

Aarogya setu app

There is an app of Suraksha Store which is named Arogya Setu. 

Arogya Setu is a mobile application which is developed by the government of India to connect essential health services with people of India in our combined fight against corona.

This app is aimed at augmenting the initiative of the Government of India, department of health, in proactively reaching out to and informing the users of the app regarding risks, best practices, and relevant advisories pertaining to the containment of Coronavirus.

You can download the Arogya Setu app from Play Store.

App Information:–

  • App Name – Arogya Setu
  • Size – 2.8 MB
  • Version – v1.1.1
  • Requirement – Android 4.4 or higher
  • Downloads – 50M+

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