Patta Chitta Online — {The Complete Guide} [2020]

Patta Chitta Online | What is Patta | TN Patta Chitta | View Patta Chitta Online | How To Apply Patta Chitta | Transfer Patta Chitta Online | தமிழ்நாடு நில தகவல்

In this article, you will know about all the detail of “Patta Chitta” or “Tamilnadu land records”  

  • How to check Patta Chitta online?
  • What is the difference between Patta and Chitta?
  • Why Patta Chitta is so important?
  • What is the benefit of checking Patta Chitta online?
  • And many more important things…

so please read this article completely so that you will learn a lot of secret things about “Patta Chitta”

Online Patta Chitta | TN Patta Chitta Online Status | தமிழ்நாடு நில தகவல்

Suppose you want to buy agricultural land in Tamilnadu or anywhere. Then you have to check the ownership details of that land.

Whether the seller who is selling the property is really the owner of that property? 😕 how much is the exact area of that land?  what type of land it is? whether it is agricultural land or someone is trying to sell you a government land or village panchayat land.

Nobody likes to get into all this kind of fraud. So you can get all these ownership details from land records.

In Tamilnadu, we know that all these land records known as the name of “Patta Chitta” or the name of “Adangal” online.

In earlier times, if you want to get a copy of land records then you have to go to the local Tahasil office. Then apply for it then get the physical copy of your land records.

But under National Land Record modernization, all these land records across all states being made available online.

In Tamilnadu also you can get a copy of your Patta Chitta online.

What is Patta?

A Patta is a legal and very important document that acts as a revenue record of the specific piece of land. The Patta is issued by the government by the name of the Land Owner. It’s also known as the “Record of Rights (ROR)”. In a Patta document given records are available-

  • The number of Patta
  • Survey number and subdivision.
  • District Name
  • Taluk Name
  • Village Name
  • Land Type (Wetland/Dryland)
  • Dimensions or area of the land
  • Tax details
  • Owner name

What is Chitta?

A Chitta is a legal document that is maintained by the Village Administration Officer (VAO) and the Taluka office. Chitta includes many important details such as the size and area of land and also the type of land (Wetland/Dryland) also included in it.

Both Patta and Chitta are issued by the Tamil Nadu government and in 2015 both Patta and Chitta documents were merged into one document with the necessary information.

How To Apply Patta Chitta Online | Patta Chitta Download

Now I will tell you with step by step how to apply for Patta Chitta online or how to get a copy of your land records step by step.

To get the details of any land in Tamil Nadu you have to follow these steps:-

First of all, you have to go to and type “Patta Chitta”

Patta Chitta is a local name for Tamil Nadu land records and you can also type “Tamil Nadu land records” instead of Patta Chitta on Google and then search it.Patta chitta

Then you will get to see many results so if you are comfortable with the English language then click on the first website and if you are more comfortable with Tamil then you can go to the second result.

Patta Chitta online

After clicking on the first website you reached on the homepage of official Tamil Nadu land records (Patta Chitta) website where you can extract Tamil Nadu land to apply Patta Chitta online

You can also change the language from here according to your needs.Online Patta Chitta

You will see 2 options here-How to apply Patta Chitta online

  • Option 1: View Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract
  • Option 2: View A – Register Extract

View Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract

Here FMB basically means your field measurement book which shows you the map of the particular survey number so if the map is available you get this option also.

View A – Register Extract

A – Register Extract basically shows an Adangal extract. You will know more about Amangal further.

Now let check what kind of details available in both these options so we check them also one by one:

First we click on the “View Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract” option.apply Patta chitta Tamilnadu land record

Now you have to fill some details:-Patta Chitta online

  • District: Choose your district
  • Area Type: Choose Rural/urban
  • Then click on “Submit”

After it, you will reach on the next page where you have to fill some points-Tn land records patta chitta

  • Taluk: Select your taluk
  • Village: Select your village
  • View Patta/Chitta using: Choose “Patta Number” or “Survey Number”
  • Enter authentication value: in this field type, the captcha code is written in the below box.

After filling all the details click on the “submit” button.Apply patta chitta online, what is patta chitta

Now you will see all the details on the screen.

In this screen, you will see here many things like-Patta chitta

  • Patta number
  • Multiple survey numbers
  • Municipal door number
  • Subdivisions
  • Type of land (wetland/dryland)
  • Type of construction
  • Locality
  • Owner name.

(All these details of a particular owner, you will get in a “Chitta extract”)

Now go back to the second option which is “View A – Register Extract” on the website homepage.

Click on the “View A – Register Extract”what is Patta chitta

On the next page enter the following details-Patta Chitta online

  • District
  • Taluk
  • Village
  • Survey Number
  • Sub Division Number
  • Enter Authentication value

After filling all detail click on the “Submit” button.Patta chitta

In the next page, you will see the “Adangal extract” and in this, you will see many Tamilnadu land records like-Adangal tn land, patta chitta

  • Survey Number
  • Land Owner name
  • Subdivision number
  • Patta Number
  • Type of land
  • Area size (in hectare)

So these are the 2 methods by which you can extract the land records in Tamilnadu.

Application Fee

When you apply for the Patta Chitta document online through the official website of TamilNadu land records then you have to pay 100rs/- by online payment mode.

What is the difference between Patta Chitta and Adangal

This is a basic question and a lot of people search for it. That what are the details are available in all these land records so let me explain for you one by one:-


Patta is a kind of account that is maintained by the Taluk of it. So A Patta register contains a lot of Patta numbers and Patta numbers will have a lot of survey numbers.

So each Patta number will contain all the land Holdings of a particular owner.

Example: A Patta number 10 will have another 5 landholdings and 5 survey numbers show all the information regarding that Patta number will be contained in a Chitta extract.


A Chitta extract will tell you about all the land Holdings of a particular owner where a register or Adangal extract will give you the details of a particular piece of land or particular survey number or a particular plot of land.

So Patta and Chitta extract gives you the Land Holdings of land Owner and Adangal extract will give you the details of a particular land.


The Adangal document provides more details about the type and purpose of the land. It will tell the quality and type of soil, whether it is wet or dry land, etc. 

How To Check Patta Chitta Status Online | Patta Chitta EC

Here are the process of checking Patta Chitta online status so you have to follow the given steps for checking online Patta Chitta status-

First of all, you have to go to Patta Chitta status checking the official website.

In the next page, you have to enter the following details-Tamilnadu land record official website

  • Application ID
  • Captcha Values

Finally, click on the “Submit” button.
After submitting, the status of your online Patta Chitta application will be displayed on your screen.

How to verify your Patta certificate online

If you want to verify your Patta Chitta Certificate online then you have to follow some simple steps which are given below-

How to transfer Patta Chitta

If you want to sell your property or if you want to sell your land then you definitely want to transfer your Patta Chitta document so you can follow the given steps-

  • Submit your Patta Chitta application to the tahsildar of your district or village.
  • Then your Patta Chitta applications will be accepted or rejected based on the examination of the concerned authorities. They have the whole right to accept or reject your Patta Chitta application.

Required Documents for Transfer Patta Chitta

To transfer Patta Chitta, you will need to give below documents to the Tehsildar.

Sale Deed: You have to submit original sale deed and 1 photocopy of sale deed to Tehsildar or the concerned office. It is required for verification.

Proof of possession: You have to give a proof that that land belongs to you as proof so you can give these documents for proof-

  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Paid Tax Receipt
  • Electricity Bill

How To Use Patta Chitta

Here are some important tips to use Patta Chitta online you have to know about all these tips before using land records so I have mentioned here every point clearly.


  • First of all, when you are taking out copies of Land Records online then you have to realize that these are only for informational purposes.
  • This is not legally valid documents and you cannot produce them as evidence in court.
  • So if you want a legally valid document then you have to take out an authorized copy which you can get from the revenue department which is your Tahsil office or taluk office.
  • Otherwise, in some states, you can always get a digitally signed copy.
  • So either the physically signed copy by the tahsildar or digitally signed copies both are equally valid.
  • So if You can get these copies then you can definitely produce them as evidence in a court otherwise if you are only getting information from the website then that is not the legally valid document.


If you want to check your own details you are owning a land then you can check your updated details like whether your name is reflecting properly, what kind of property details are there, type of land whether it is wetland or dryland so whether the information are updated or not.

  • When you are buying an Agricultural land of some other land outside the city limits then you can easily avoid property frauds.
  • By checking the land records you can know the true owner’s name whether the seller who is selling you the land is actually the owner or not?
  • Then you can also know the exact area of that land, what type of land it is, whether it is agricultural land or whether it is a gram panchayat land because somebody is trying to sell you the government land. So you can check all these details from the land records.
  • You can check the encumbrances also because there are also many third party claims of a property.
    For example: If there is any kind of loan on the property or if there is any kind of lease or a court stay order.

These all details are also reflected in the land records so land records are very helpful.


  • When you are buying an agricultural land or some other kind of land then it is very important that you first “get your sale deed registered” in the Revenue Department.
  • It is important that you get the mutation done in your name also. Mutation means that you have to change the owner’s name in land records.

Many people think that after registering the sale deed the ownership has always been transferred but in case of land, you have to get the mutation done and change the name in land records also.

Otherwise, there are the chances of fraud because the previous seller who sold you the property can sell that land again because he is still the owner in public records.

Patta Chitta EC

Here are Patta Chitta EC means Patta Chitta Encumbrance Certificate. So if you want to download Tn Patta Chitta certificate EC then you can follow the above steps.

Most people do not know about Patta Chitta EC Certificate or Encumbrance Certificate so here is some brief information on the Encumbrance Certificate.

Encumbrance Certificate

The Encumbrance Certificate is a very important document for buying and selling property. Through this certificate, it is known who is the new owner of the property and how many transactions have been done before.

It can also be ascertained by an Encumbrance certificate whether a third party has made any claim or charge on that property. There are a total of 8 pages in the Encumbrance Certificate in which is given very important information related to buying and selling property.

So if you are going to sell or buy your property then you have to need Encumbrance Certificate definitely.

Patta Chitta FMB | Phitta Chitta EC FMB | TN Patta Chitta FMB map

In a Patta Chitta FMB here FMB means field measurement book. FMB shows the dimensions of the land and Patta Chitta FMB sketch has the full details of the size of the land. Hence Patta Chitta FMB is used to measure and verify any land.

So, if you want to conduct land transactions legally and responsibly. Then it is very important to use Patta Chitta FMB Map.

There are many people who want to download Patta Chitta FMB Map online. So they are searching for online Patta Chitta FMB Map download, Online Patta Chitta FMB download pdf, and TN Patta Chitta FMB Map.

So for those people, I already give the full information to apply Patta Chitta/FMB online above with step by step.

TN Patta Chitta EC app download

Many times Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta website gets some errors. So Patta Chitta website Tamil Nadu does not open due to server down or any bug. Because many people have to face difficulty in applying Patta Chitta online.

To solve your problem, an application of Patta Chitta has been created. In the Patta Chitta app, you can apply Patta Chitta online. Also, you can view Tamil Nadu Land Records and Tamil Patta Chitta EC a register.

Here are the details of the Patta Chitta application.

  • App Name – TN Patta Chitta
  • Downloads – 100k+
  • App Size – 6.2 MB
  • Requirements – Android 4.4 or above

FAQ About Patta Chitta

Is it important to have a Patta?

Yes, It is important to have a Patta. A Patta document confirms whether the person owns the property or not. So if there is any property dispute, Patta can be issued as a legal document.

How can I transfer Patta?

After the death of the property owner, his legal heir is allowed to transfer the Patta in his name.
If you are going to sell your property to someone else then only the Patta can be transferred. Read the article carefully if you want to transfer Patta.

How do I check Patta Chitta’s online status?

I already give this information in this article so please read this article carefully.

What is the official Patta Chitta website?

What is Patta, Chitta & Adangal in Tamil?

Patta document will tell you whether all the property taxes have been paid and if any are due.
Chitta documentation will include the Patta number, the survey number, and any sub-division details.
The Adangal document provides more details about the type and purpose of the land. It will tell the quality and type of soil, whether it is wet or dry land, etc. Adangal will also tell you about any previous cultivation on the land as well as details about crops and past tenants and any other pertinent information.


Here we had to try to give you full information about “Patta Chitta Online” or Tamil Nadu land records.

Now I hope you find this information helpful. So if you learn from it then please share this information with other people on social media. You can ask your questions in the comment box.

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