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Naa Rockers is a torrent movies downloading website that uploads new and old Telugu movies on its website for free download. Everyone can download new and latest Telugu movies from Naa Rockers website absolutely free.

But here is the thing that you need to know about this website―

Before downloading any movies from any of the website you need to know complete information about that site because that site can be harmful aur dangerous for us.

So let’s know about this website:


Naa rockers is a pirated torrent telugu movies downloading website same like JioRockers. Everyone can download South Indian movies and New Telugu movies of their choice from this website. This website provide new and old Telugu movies for free download to everyone.

Naa Rockers Homepage
Naa Rockers Homepage (Latest 2020 Telugu Movies Download)

The official Naa Rockers website URL is and there are a lot of other website on the internet which is also exist for same name (Naa Rockers) with different domain like― .com, .net,, .ml, .xyz etc.

How to download movies from Naa rockers website?

If you want to download any Tamil dubbed movies then you can download your favourite Tamil and Telugu movies from this site. Here are some simple STEPS you can follow to download your favourite movie―

  • First of all search on Google
  • Then you will see many website but you have to go with only official website of Naa rockers.
  • After reaching on the website you will see the homepage of this website (The homepage is very simple and clean)
  • You will see a bunch of latest telugu movies and bottom of this you can also see many categories to download telugu movies by sort of time (1950 to 2020)
  • Click on your favourite movie or you have also option to click on the movie years so that you will see all telugu movies of that particular year like: Telugu Movies of 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 etc.
  • Once you click on a movie name, you will redirect on a new page where you will see 3-4 advertisements so simply close or block that advertisement then you will see the movie size and download link of that movie.
  • Simply click on the download link and your movie will be starting download in background.

On this website you will have to face many advertisement while download because this website gives you Telugu movies for free. So this website earn most of their revenue from these advertisement.

Why NaaRockers Has A Lot Of Advertisements?

As you know Naa Rockers is a free Tamil movies downloading website which is very popular and 2020 because it is a website give permission to download new and latest free Tamil movies.

So EVERYDAY thousands of people come to this site to download free Telugu movies of their choice but users dishappy when they see many weird advertisements.

NOW many of you will think that why this website shows us a lot of advertisement to download free Telugu movies. To understand this first know HOW this website make money―

How Naa Rockers Earn Money?

Naa rockers website mostly Make money from advertisement that you see on their website while downloading Telugu movies. This website reflect a bunch of Ads on their website like this―

Naarockers website advertisements
Ads on Naarockerss telugu website

These advertisement companies gives revenue of these ads to Naarockers website owner.

And other of that this website earn money from Sponsorship. Because this website has a huge audience base so they approach many advertisement companies to show sponsor ads on there website and instead of this these companies will pay them.

Now I hope you understand why this website has a lot of advertisement for downloading any of the movies and now know little more about Legalities of this website―

Is Naa Rockers is a illegal website?

YES, Naarockers .com is a pirated illegal website. Because this website upload free Telugu movies on there site. This website create pirated copies of original Telugu movies and upload those pirated movies on their website without movies owner permission.

So This is the main reason of this website is completely illegal. I do not recommend you to download any Telugu movies from Naa rockers website.

Filmmakers and movie directors make a movies by very hard work and they spend a lot of money on movie production, creation, shooting advertising etc. And after that the movie will be completely ready to launch then they will release that movie in cinema halls but at that time this type of illegal website (Naa Rocker) creates online pirated copies of that original movie and leak it on the internet for free download so movie directors, Actors and filmmakers get a huge loss by PIRACY.

This type of pirated website are not only giving loss to the telugu industries but also Bollywood Hollywood and all of the television industries so the government block these illegal website from the internet and once the website owner will caught, police arrest them for creating piracy.

Why you should not download movies from Naa Rockers website?

Now you are aware that piracy is a big crime specially in India. Actors and Actresses always warning us to stop piracy because it is very dangerous for our film industry so I also hardly request you to please do not download any free movies from such illegal websites.

If you still download movies from this illegal website and do not follow any rules of government then you will get many losses like:

If you click on any advertisement of these pirated website (Like― Naa Rockers) then you loss your system data because of Malware and viruses.

Many times this website will send you and unrelevant advertisement on your smartphone or laptop when you click “Allow” on these popup advertisement.

So please Stay Away from this type of website.

Alternative websites like Naa Rockers

Naa Rockers is not the only pirated website there are also some similar pirated Telugu movies downloading website on the internet more popular than Naa rockers―

All of these website gives you free movies to download from the internet and many of them has blocked by Indian government because this all websites are also created piracy and this all website not only leaks movies but also uploads TV shows and Web Series.

Important key notes about Naa Rockers website?

When I check the stats of this website then I got some key points which is given below―

  • According to website informer, The Global Alexa rank of the website is 3135954.
  • The domain name of this site is registered from inc company.
  • The DNS (domain name server) of this website is and
  • It is running on 3 ip address
  • This site uses cloudflare SSL certificate.
  • Its traffic rank is 2276744.

Recently Leaked Movies in 2020

Johar (2020) Telugu Full Movie Metro Kathalu (2020) Telugu Full Movie
Donga (2019) Telugu Full Movie Happy Journey (2020) Telugu Full Movie
Gunjan Saxena : The Kargil Girl (2020) Telugu Full Movie Ee Rathri Ki Evaru (2020) Telugu Full Movie
Paramanandham Shishyulu (2019) Telugu Full Movie Sarrainodu (2016) Telugu Full Movie
Trance (2020) Telugu Full Movie Added Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha (2016) Telugu Full Movie
Natho Vasthava (2006) Telugu Full Movie Janda Pai Kapiraju (2015) Telugu Full Movie

Naa Rockers recently leaked the Telugu movie Happy Journey of Raviteja Bharath which size is only 437 MB.

Naa Rockers new telugu movie
Naa Rockers new telugu movie

This website ranks no. 1 in google on many different keywords like Telugu movies download, Telugu movies free download, New Telugu movies download, Latest HD Telugu movies download etc.

Naa rockers telugu movies download
Naa rockers telugu movies tags

This website provides you the list of Tamil movies by YEARS like this―

Naa rockers telugu movies by years
Naa rockers telugu movies by years

Naa Rockers Telegram Channel

The users of this website is not only limited with this site but it is also created a telegram channel for pirated movie lovers and telegram channel has more than 5000+ Members which is increasing day by day.

Naa rockers telegram channel
NaaRockers official telegram channel

Many users come this website for entertainment purpose because they want to download latest new movies and Wanted the facility of online movies streaming from this website but I think you do not stream online movies on this website.

Don’t Trust on Fake News About Torrent Sites

Many website gives you fake information about pirated sites like― Naa Rockers so don’t believe on any of those information we are here for giving you only right knowledge from real sources. Our website never gives you wrong information about anything or any website you will only get real and true knowledge on our site.

Telugu movies industry is also known as Tollywood industry which is a very popular film industry around South Indian movie lovers. This is the Industry that done 1000 crore business in past few years.

But from past many years Tollywood industry is getting loss because of these torrent movies downloading website.

Use These Legal Websites To Download Movies

If you really want to download movies by following all the rules securely then you can download movies from Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5 websites but to use these all website you have to pay a monthly subscription plan of these website which is around 50-200 Rs per month.

Here are 15+ Best Site to Watch Tamil Movies Online Free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that mostly people have doubt in their mind―

Is this website legal or not?

This is not a legal website because this site create pirated copies of of original movies and upload them to its website which is completely illegal by Indian government.

Are we safe while downloading movies from this site?

It is not set by guarantee that you are completely safe and secure while using this website because this site contains dangerous advertisement which can fill viruses or Malware on your system so please do not use this website.

How much money Naa Rockers site make?

This website make thousands of dollars per day from pop up advertisement by showing on its website.

Why Naa Rockers gives you free telugu movies?

This website uploads free Telugu movie on its site to attracting visitors on its sites so in the same way they can show them ads and earn more and more money.

Final Thoughts

I hope you understand all about Naa Rockers website. In this article, I am tried to give you a full review of this website from my side.

If you have any question then you can ask in comment section and if you found this information USEFUL than you can tell us in comment.


DISCLAIMER: Our website never promotes any kind of piracy because we understand that piracy of original content is a crime in India so we suggest you to stay away from this kind of illegal websites and always choose the right path to download movies.

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