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MovieRulz2 New Link [2020]:
If you like watching the latest Telugu movies online, then you must have heard the name of the website “MovieRulz2”.

If we talk about Tamil movies download sites, then the name of Movierulz2 comes after the TamilRockers website.


Nowadays, there are many such websites on the internet that publishes pirated copies of the original movie before the film is released.

In such websites, the name of the MovieRulz2 Hindi 2020 movie website is always at the forefront.

Today in this post, I will give you some secret information related to the MovieRulz2 website, so you must read the post till the end.

What is the MovieRulz2 website?


It is a #pirated website, yet here you can download movies in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and apart from this, you can download movies in many other languages.

Because of pirated website, it is very important to know about such websites before downloading any movies from this website, whether it is a Hindi dubbed movie or Malayalam movies.

Going forward, you should not doubt that you should download the movie from these websites or NOT?


If you have been downloading movies from the Internet for a long time, then you must know that there are many websites that give you the (direct link) to download the latest Hindi movies and many other movies for free.

You can download the latest Hindi movies, Bangla movies, Telugu movies, Bollywood movies, Hollywood in Hindi movies, and Marathi movies from such websites, but most of these websites are banned by the Government of India.

Movierulz2 2020 New URL | Movierulz2 Latest URL | Movierulz2 New Link

After deep research, we came to know that there are still many new MovieRulz2 URL websites that are currently available on the internet and millions of people are visiting these websites every day and downloading the latest movies.

That is why here I will tell you the list of latest movierulz2 URL and these active MovieRulz2 URL links are given below-

  • Movierulz2 NZ

How to Download Movies from MovieRulz2

The way to download movies from each website is little different, Here we will know how you can download movies from MovieRulz like Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam movies and Hindi Cinema movies with step by step :

  • First of all, open it by searching MovieRulz on Google.


  • After reaching the website, you will see many movies, so click on any movies to download or you can also search your favorite movies by Typing the movie names in the search bar.


【Here you will see many formats of movies like 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p.】

Now Simply, click on the “Download Link” so the movie will start downloading aromatically.


Every kind of website will also let you download link at the bottom of the movies on this website where you can download the movie. 

You can also download the 300mb dual audio English movies and also many other movies in different languages here.

On this website, you may have to face problems with some popup ads because these websites make money from advertisements on their website.

Basically, these websites show you 4-5 ads before give you the download link so simply skip the ads one by one, and then you will see the download link of those movies below the thumbnail.

If you’re using a PC or laptop then you can use IDM (Internet Download Manager) for fast download speed.


How To Download Movierulz2 App?

Movierulz app

MoviRulz has also an app that makes downloading movies even easier. And this app has been designed in such a way that users are not disturbed by which you can download movies without any problem.

MovieRulz2 App Details

MovieRulz app has many features that you will not see on the website. If you use both the MovieRulz website and the app, then you will see the difference between them.

MovieRulz2 app has a higher speed as compared to the MovieRulz website and it is more comfortable than the website.

Features Name Feature

  • File Size: 1.4 MB
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu
  • Requirement: Android 4.0 & Above
  • License: Free
  • Version: v3.0
  • Last Updated: 25-October-2019

3MovieRulz 2020 ― Download Watch Latest Full HD Movies 

RdxHD New link 2020

MovieRulz2 2020 Download

Movies are uploaded on movierulz2 website in 7 languages which anyone can download for free, these 7 languages are given below―

  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Malayalam
  • Kannada
  • Odisha

Among these 7 languages, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada movies are the most popular among people.

Movierulz2 gives us the opportunity to download the latest movies TV shows and web series in HD quality, that’s why millions of people from all over the country watch and download the latest movies online in their favorite language on this movie download website.

On the MovieRulz website, you can download not only movies but also TV shows and web series in HD quality, that’s why the movierulz2 website is so popular.

Is MovieRulz2 Website Still Working or Not?

Because it costs a lot of money for the movie’s makers to make any movie and when the movie is finally ready, it is released in theaters where the cost of the movies for the people is charged and Then movie makers also get some benefits in return for their hard work.

But then pirated websites like movierulz2 pirated these latest movies and uploaded them to their website from where people can download these movies for free.

By doing this, the producers and directors of movies suffer a lot of damage, that’s why the government bans such pirated websites.

And that’s why the government had to block the movierulz2 website.

MovieRulz2 Popularity

Although there are many pirated movies downloading websites across India movierulz2 is the most popular among all these websites. There are many reasons why the movierulz2 website is so popular, let’s know―

Of all the pirated web sites, only Movierulz2 is the website that provides the highest quality and the fastest downloading speed.

On the second or third day of the release of any movie from all over India, you can download them for free from this website.

You can download content in many formats like 3gp, Mp4, Mkv, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, and many more high-quality formats.

You can download not only movies but also tv shows and web series in HD quality with fast downloading speed.

Movierulz2 is still blocked but it had a lot of active domains from where people can download movies so the Government is not able to block all Movierulz domains.

MovieRulz2 Telugu Movies

MovieRulz2 is the highest name in Telugu movies in the world because this website has been ranked on many keywords in Google like –

  • Telugu Movies Download
  • Download Telugu Movies for free
  • Telugu Dubbed Movies 2020

And it leaks most Telugu movies. You must be aware that the Telugu movies industry is a very large industry that has been targeted by an illegitimate website like movierulz2, which is why most Telugu movies are pirated and leaked on MovieRulz2.

“Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo” is a very popular Telugu movie of 2020 which has been leaked by MovieRulz. The director of this film Trivikram Srinivas and co-producer is S. Radha Krishna. The main leads in this movie are Pooja Hegde and Allu Arjun. It’s IMDB rating is 4.5 which is really good.

Dabar is a Tamil language movie. This movie has been leaked by MovieRulz2 2020, in which millions of people come to this website to download.

MovieRulz2 Bollywood Movies

movierulz2 leaked not only Telugu movies, but Bollywood movies are also leaked in large numbers due to which the Bollywood industry suffers a lot of damage. That is why Bollywood producers, directors, and actors always warn us about this kind of website.

Recently MovieRulz2 leaked a very popular Salman Khan movie “Dabangg3” Because of leaking this movie, the Bollywood industry has suffered a lot so they also want to stop piracy which is done by these illegal websites.

MovieRulz2 is a very clever website that keeps optimizing its website according to its user behaviors. They are increasing the download speed of their website day by day. You can not only download movies from here but also you can stream online movies.

Who is the owner of the MovieRulz2 Website?

Till now no one has been able to find out who is actually the owner of the movierulz2 website, even the government has blocked many movierulz2 domains till now but still unable to find the real owner.

And this is the reason that the owner of MovieRulz keeps launching new domain names from time to time and due to this the government also fails to catch it.

How MovieRulz2 earn money?

Now you must be thinking about how such a big website that millions of people come on will earn money. You know that the movierulz2 website allows us to download free movies, so it does not make money through movies, but it earns a lot of money by showing advertisements on its website.

MovieRulz2 is an illegal website, so it cannot put popular advertising networks like Adsense and on its website, hence it makes money by showing advertisements through many other ad networks.

Make Money through Pop Ads

Movierulz2 uses the ad network to display advertisements on its website, one of them is Pop-ads which is the highest earning source on movierulz2.

You must have noticed that whenever you go to the MovieRulz website to download movies and click on it to download movies, a pop-up advertisement suddenly opens, by which this website makes money.

Make Money by URL Shortener

This is another way for movierulz2 to make money in which it inserts any download link from the URL shortener website to their website and whenever someone clicks on it who redirected to the URL shortener website where who has to wait a few seconds and see the advertisement and through these advertisements movierulz2 earns a lot of money.

Loss Done to Indian Film Industry By Piracy

Two different reports have been found by the media against movierulz2 which are as follows.

First Report―

According to this report, the Indian film industry earns 2 billion dollars from some of its mediums like cinemas om video television, etc. while piracy website in India earns more than $ 2.7 billion which is 35% more than that legally.

Red Chillies Entertainment production house which is run by actor Shah Rukh Khan, through which the film Dilwale has also faced piracy it had faced the loss of 140 crores. Apart from this, films like Udta Punjab, Jabaki, Great Grand Masti have also faced such issues across this way, that is why all the actors together keep telling us repeatedly to stop piracy.
―The Quint

Second Report―

According to a data analytics business, Teixipio, Ireland, and Tanzania will be the piracy markets for Hindi films. Analysis of global data for 100 Hindi films has shown over the last few years that the number of all Hindi film downloads in Tanzania climbed to 250% in 2013, while the growth of economies was done by Ireland.

Macedonia, Germany, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Turkey were another European country using a developing audience for Bollywood films, while Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Cameroon, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana and Morocco in Afrikaans Were one of The rush of nations for download of Hindi films is increasing, and reports were received. Surprisingly, decreasing numbers were recorded in Canada, while file-sharpers from the US exhibited a growing demand for Bollywood content, as well as an increase of about 16% in about 4 years’ time.

―The Hindu

I hope you now understand that you should always stay away from this type of pirated website and we should never promote piracy.

MovieRulz2 2020- Download HD Movies & New Leaked Movies

  • Kabir Singh
  • Telugu Ismart Shankar
  • Guna 369
  • War
  • Bharat Ane Nenu 2018 – film
  • Batla House
  • Rakshasudu
  • Nerkonda Paarvai
  • URI
  • Mission mangal


Popular movie piracy website MovieRulz recently released a pirated movie “Dear Comrade“. This website uploaded this movie of the best quality on its site as soon as it was released.

Dear comrade

The MovieRulz2 Telugu website has not only pirated this movie before it released, other big movies pirated and uploaded on its site, among which Rajdooth, Ismart Shankar, Irumbu Thirai, The Lion King, Godzilla: King Of Monsters, Ammaaki Boli, Saaho, Cypher – Shoonya Se Shikhar Tak, Chhichhore, etc.

The government has not been able to block the Movierulz2 Kannada movie website despite all efforts.

Because MovieRulz changes its domain name frequently. Due to which this website cannot be tracked properly. And this is the reason why this website is still running.

Note: According to a report, police say that qualified students are also responsible for making movies #Pirated to some extent because they are promoting this thing more.

I have told you about the MovieRulz2 New Domain 2019-20 (3movierulz.vs) that the MovieRulz website keeps changing its domine repeatedly so that it cannot be caught.

By doing this, it does not even have to change its website name, only it has to change the domain name, which keeps this website running.

Some MovieRulz2 Kannada Websites

  • MovieRulz.ce
  • MovieRulz.plc
  • Movierulz ag
  • MovieRulz.nt
  • MovieRulz.hp
  • MovieRulz.pz
  • MovieRulz.pc
  • MovieRulz.vt
  • MovieRulz.hs
  • MovieRulz.vpn

How to Access MovieRulz2 VPN [Securely]

The government sometimes blocks piracy websites, due to which we cannot directly access them from the internet, so we have to use VPN to access such websites. So here I will give you some MovieRulz2 new links which are probably unblocked.

Movierulz2 New Links 2020 [UPDATED]
Movierulz tcMovierulz ht
Movierulz.bzMovierulz Plz

MovieRulz2 2020 | Online Watch Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Roadies and Hindi Dubbed Movies


Movierulz is a well-known Movie pirated website of India due to which the government has removed the main site of MovieRulz from Google. Because many media companies had a complaint against Movierulz.

Due to the removal of the main website of MovieRulz from Google, there was a lot of panic among its loyal viewers that now from where they will download movies.

But the MovieRulz team did not allow its viewers to cope with this problem for a long time and launched a new website Movierulz2 NZ Like the old website, all the features were present in this.

Therefore, after all, efforts, closing this website has become impossible. Because its team is very active, which creates a new website soon after the closure of one website.

Some people think the website is still running today because earlier it was the official website of Movierulz.

The website was launched many years ago and it was very easy to download free movies.

After some time, the MovieRulz website became very famous due to which Bollywood and Hollywood, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, etc. movies were uploaded on this website.

However, this website used to distribute pirated copies of all these films to the people for free, so under piracy law, the website was #BANNED by the government, and this website was closed.

But as you know, they do not have only one website, but they have created different websites by registering different domain names so that they cannot be tracked properly, therefore the government is also unable to ban their website.

So MovieRulz website is still running through his new domain name and he keeps uploading the latest movies on them which is illegal.

(Let us know for your information that the MovieRulz website is the only website to download the most blockbuster movies on its website so far and this is the biggest reason for its popularity)

MovieRulz2 NZ

MovieRulz2 NZ is a highly searched domain after movierulz2. Since movierulz2 is blocked, most of their users download movies from the movierulz2 NZ domain, not only that many people also say that MovieRulz NZ provides good downloading speed from all other websites.

But soon the government has also blocked MovieRulz2 NZ, that’s why a lot of people keep searching for new domains of movierulz2 but in the end, they do not find anything.

In a way, it is also right because on the website aspirated by the government This can be reduced to a great extent before the ban, that is why we also advise you to stay away from the illegal website, but even if you use pirated websites so it will be your responsibility., like the official website of MovieRulz, lets you download movies for free but it does not allow online live stream movies.

This website is also very popular in India and it is also known as MovieRulz torrent magnet.


This website was created by the MovieRulz team in 2018 but it became very popular in 2019.

To use this website you will need a good VPN because it is illegal to download movies from these websites.

This website is also like but as you know, millions of visitors come to these websites, hence their server becomes slow. So now if you want to download fast movies, now you can use this website.

This website has been blocked many times not only by India but also by many countries, but despite this, it is still very popular and is going on today. So you can also visit this website to download movies and TV serials online.

Movierulz2 Movierulz5 plz Online

Movierulz2 Movierulz5 plz website is very popular in India but it also has some problems regarding privacy. That is why you will need some VPN apps to use it. If you want, you can also use free VPNs. There is no need to take premium VPNs. Nowadays this website is trying to recover the countries from which it was blocked.

First of all, let us tell you that this website has copied two very famous film servers.

The first one is 123Movies and the second is Movierulz. A new website was created by combining the two websites.

The website MovieRulz.vpn has been changed to the 123Movierulz website which was a very old website. Movierulz.vpn started with huge growth and used to be Movierulz’s oldest website.

It is considered the official website of MovieRulz. After facing the block several times, MovieRulz has changed all its domain names, after which it became the official website of MovieRulz.

Its Alexa rank is around 5000.

This website is much faster than the servers of other movie downloading websites available on the Internet.

3MovieRulz is also the most popular website of MovieRulz among movies downloading sites. 3MovieRulz is a movie piracy website.

If you are a fan of watching movies online, you can download your favorite movies online through the Internet at

From this website, apart from movies, you can download TV serials, web series, and many other types of shows for free.

Due to the giving of free content, free movies, millions of visitors keep coming on a daily basis on this website for downloading movies.

You should not be happy to hear about free movies downloading website.

Because let me tell you that Movierulz123 and many other websites like it from where you download free movies, these are pirated websites.

And due to piracy, the government bans them, so in the eyes of the government, use these websites is considered Illegal.

Therefore, you should not use this kind of website much.

MovieRulz MS

MovieRulz MS is one of the most popular MovieRulz websites in movies downloading websites. Because there are some such features that you will hardly see on any other website.

All the movies on this website have been kept according to different categories so that you can download all the Telugu movies of your choice.

The famous categories of this website are Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Bangla, Tamil, Kannada, Animations, Horror movies, etc. and all these movies are available in sort size format.

Out of which 300MB Dual Audio Telugu Movies 2020 and 300MB Dual Audio Hindi Movies 2020 is the most famous.

This website does not charge you any money for downloading movies. So at this site, you can download movies for free.

But you may face some difficulty because of some advertisements on this website but still, this website is good for downloading MovieRulz HD movies.

Let me tell you for your information that “MovieRulz is a pirated website which creates a pirated copy of original movies and uploads it to its website”.

MovieRulz website is done piracy of the original movies and posts a copy of that pirated movie for download on its website.

While piracy of any content or movies is illegal and MovieRulz websites are at the forefront of piracy of the movies.

There are many other websites similar to MovieRulz like- movierulz2 AC, movierulz2 PC, movierulz2 MX, movierulz2 TC, movierulz2 ms, 2movierulz MX, 2movierulz CH, 2movierulz St, 2movierulz Pz, 2movierulz gd, movierulz2 EU, Movierulz2 free, movierulz2 Majili, movierulz2 Maharshi, movierulz2 Hindi, movierulz2 proxy, movierulz2 NZ, movierulz2 2020 these all the websites also create piracy.

Best Alternative websites for Movierulz2 MS

If we talk about MoviRulz Alternative website, then I think MovieRulz wap is the best alternative to the MovieRulz website.

Many times for issues of piracy blocks, users need an alternative website to download pirated content.

But most of them do not know about alternative sites, that is why I recommend MovieRulz wap as an alternative website.

If you are very crazy about downloading movies, then I recommend you to use MovieRulz wap once.

But MovieRulz2 website has not only one alternative, but it has many more.



Khatrimaza is a video pirated site, it pirates the video and uploads it to its website. Through which users can download the scant free on the Khatrimaza site.

Khatrimaza has become very popular in the last few years. If you want to watch the movie directly on your mobile after the release, then the Khatrimaza website will be considered as the best alternative to MovieRulz.



If you download movies, then you must know about Filmywap. Whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood, you can download all the latest movies for free on this website, which is a very popular website.



KatMovieHD website is also a video piracy site. The website is also very popular among film lovers.

The special thing about this website is that you can download Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Malayalam movies from here faster than other websites.

KatMovieHD website was started a few years ago but today it is one of the most popular websites and is also similar to MovieRulz.



Putlocker is a video pirated site like MovieRulz. From here you can download the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, etc. movies for free.

Putlocker is one of those websites in the world where people go to download high-quality HD movies. This website is also an alternative to MovieRulz.



If you talk about the alternative of the Movierulz Telugu version, TamilGun is the best option.

If you want to download good quality Tamil movies HD, then you will not find a good place anywhere from this website.

That is why this website is the best alternative to MovieRulz2 for downloading Tamil movies.



TamilYogi is a very popular website for downloading new and latest movies.

Users can easily download movies in HD print from this website.

The most special thing about TamilYogi is that it gives its users a chance to access the latest content for free.

If you have a fast internet connection, then you can easily watch HD quality movies from this website because of its good quality servers.

Why websites like Movierulz2 Malayalam, Movierulz2 Telugu Movies are so popular in India?


A few years ago, people had no means of entertainment.

After the arrival of technology, television came among the people which people used very much and also liked it very much.

At that time people had very few resources. After some time, VCR came and then after some time CD and DVD came into the market.

Due to which the film started coming in the form of cassettes. Which became quite popular and people would get to see the good quality film in their home.

Nowadays, due to increasing the craze of the internet and smartphone, CD, DVD, and VCR have almost disappeared from the people.

That’s why nowadays people like watching movies online for entertainment, chatting, video calling, playing games and downloading movies, etc.

If you are coming to download movies then know about these before downloading movies from some movies downloading sites like Todaypk, TamilRockers, TamilYogi, Torrentpk, 2movierulz plz, 123Movie, Movierulz2, 9xMovies, Worldfree4u, Fmovies, etc. which will prove beneficial for you.

And this time most people searching about movierulz2 Kannada, movierulz2 Telugu, movierulz2 2019 movies, movierulz2 Malayalam, Movierulz2 NZ, and movierulz2 latest movies.

Why should we not download pirated movies?

If you do not know what piracy is?

Then you should know that it is illegal to copy any original movie and send it to the people on your website for free and it is called “Piracy”.

Due to the piracy of movies, media companies have lost a lot because at the time of their release.

These pirated websites used to distribute those movies to the people for free so that people did not pay for movies and the whose company made that original film was a huge loss.

Because of this, media companies urge the government to stop 🚫 piracy.

Therefore, the government is also taking strict action to stop piracy and that is why the government #Bans such websites.

And not only that if the person running these websites is caught Then that person may also be jailed.

The Indian film industry is very old which spends a lot of money to make good quality movies for people, but MovieRulz and other similar websites post pirated copies of these movies on their websites as soon as the movies are released or the very next day.

Due to which the filmmakers are very much 😢 lost.

Some of these websites are Tamilrockers, Tamilyogi, Utorrentpk, Tamilgun, etc.

Downloading movies from the pirated website is wrong ❎ because instead of watching movies, we do not give anything to filmmakers.

When downloading movies from pirated websites, viruses and unwanted software are installed automatically in your system.

Which you do not even know about and hackers can easily steal your important information.


As the Internet is reaching people, the demand for movies downloading is also increasing.

But our website ( never allows pirated movies to be downloaded.

It is our best effort to provide complete information about these websites to people and keep them away from such aside.

I want to tell you that you should use the right way ☑ to download movies so that you do not face any trouble later.

So that no rules are violated and no wrongdoing is promoted.

Our job is to show you the right path and always stay away from such illegals website. And follow every rule of the government.

Therefore, through this post, we are working to give you the right information and also to spread awareness among you all.

If you like this information, then share it with your friends and also make them aware.


Note: It is illegal under Indian law to piracy any content or movie. Our website strongly opposes this kind of piracy. This article has been written only to caution you of illegal activities. This website has no relation with the piracy websites, nor does our website promote any kind of piracy. You are requested to choose the right way to download movies and always stay away from such websites and keep others away.


Now You are Here means…You read this post completely So First of all “Thank you”💖 so much for giving your important time.

And now if you know about other movie download sites then Please tell us in the comment…We will surely answer your comment.

And also tell us Your Favourite Movie in Comment.

Bye,✋ we will meet in the comment section.

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