Why Mediajio Gives You GTA 5 For Free Download

If you are also a big fan of GTA 5 vice city or GTA 5 San Andreas and love to playing open world games then you must need to know about “Mediajio” website.

It is a place where you can download Latest version GTA Android Vice City Game or PC GTA 5 Full Version Compressed Game absolutely free.

Let’s know about how we can download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Unlocked game from mediajio website for free―

What is Mediajio?

Mediajio is a free torrent game downloading website where millions of people comes daily to download free compressed GTA 5 games. This website also provide you GTA 5 for PC and mobile both.

The special thing of this side is that it gives highly compressed games like 150 MB, 200 MB which actual size is approx 1.5 GB or 2GB.

You can download all old and latest GTA Vice City full version games free.

The best thing is that here you did not get any unusual advertisement or pop up ads like like Torrent site.

How To Download GTA 5 Full Version Game free from Mediajio?

Although it is a torrent website but still many people use this site to download GTA games online. They are all Grand Theft Auto version games available under 500 MB 200 MB which runs smoothly on low ram pc and mobile.

Follow these simple steps to download GTA 5 compressed full version game for PC and mobile―

When I first heard about “Mediajio” website that I can download free GTA Vice City full version all games for my pc in low ram like 1gb or 2gb ram pc.

  • Then I decided to first check out this website.
  • So I searched on Google mediajio keyword in search bar and press enter I found a website called “Mediajio.blogspot.com” in top results.
  • I click on this website then I see homepage of this site like this―Mediajio
  • On this home page you can see big heading latest Torrent and below that many links available to download GTA games.

So I decided to click on one of them link for checking that these links are working or not this time?

  • When I click on a link “GTA 5 download for PC” It opens a new page like this;Download GTA 5 for pc
  • On this page I have to download some and install some GTA 5 important files and a Win RAR software to run GTA 5 game in our PC.
  • So I downloaded and install these files in my PC and then download GTA 5 game by clicking on third link.

This is the complete method to download GTA 5 Vice City game from mediajio.blogspot.com

When I scroll down the homepage, I see many other games like;

Download Gta 5 on mediajio
Popular GTA Games on Media Jio Homepage
  • GTA San Andreas
  • Call of Duty 2
  • GTA 4 download for pc
  • GTA Vice City download for pc
  • Battle Los Angles Game
  • Call of Duty Black OPS

When I click on one of them game then it opens another website page of Produniya.com

GTA 5 download on produniya.com
It redirect us on produniya.com website

From this page one can easily understand how to download GTA V highly compressed game for PC. Because there are a step by step guide available to download GTA game and it given download link on that page to download and install GTA 5 easily.

It gives a full version highly compressed game in just 262 MB which actual size is 1.9 gb but the performance of this compressed game are same.

Why Mediajio Is Very popular To Download GTA Games?

As we know that Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a open world game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. This game was lauched in 2002 and after it in a very short time this game gain popularity among gaming industry.

After sometime GTA 5 become the most popular game in India so mqny website started making the pirated version of this game. One of them website is Mediajio which is very popular these days.

Here are some reasons mentioned that why this website is trending from past many years to download free Grand Theft Auto compressed games;

  • Mediajio website provides you highly compressed GTA 5 game for all type of low pc ram like 1gb, 2gb and windows XP 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 10 etc.
  • It support PC of 32 bit or 64 bit both.
  • You do not need any password to play GTA games from mediajio.
  • This time media jio.com is not available only mediajio. blog spot.com and mediajio. xyz.com is available website.
  • This game provide good sound quality and audio.
  • These are the all reasons why so many people daily come to this website to download free GTA games.

Why Mediajio Gives You GTA Game For Free Download?

This is a question that comes in my mind that why this website provide us free GTA all versions full game absolutely free! While you have to pay some money to download full version GTA games.

Then I found a simple reason for that is bring traffic and earn money.

This website motive is very clear. They want only to attract GTA series games lovers on its website and show them some advertisements through which they can make money.

Is Mediajio Legal Or Not?

Mediajio is a torrent website and as we know torrent is a illegal thing in India and many other countries. So we cannot say that mediajio is completely safe. But still so many people using this website daily to download GTA 5 free game.

Mediajio website link –




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