[FIXED] JioFi Not Working: JioFi Not Turning ON

  • Is your JioFi not working properly?
  • Is your JioFi device not getting good speed?
  • Are you facing red light blinking problem in your JioFi device?

If you are facing any JioFi problem then don’t worry today I have come up with a solution to all your problems because in this article you will find a way to solve all these problems faced by your JioFi step by step.

So read this article completely and I promise you that after reading this article any problem related to your JioFi device will not remain.

Mostly JioFi users are facing these problems―

  • JioFi Router not giving faster speed
  • JioFi Red Light Blinking Problem or JioFi Blue Light Blinking Problem
  • JioFi Connectivity error
  • JioFi password error
  • JioFi login error
  • JioFi Not connecting to a laptop, PC or Mobile.
  • JioFi Not Turning ON
  • JioFi Battery Problem

So if you are facing all these problems then after today you do not need to worry about any problems related to your JioFi Router device because I have come up with the best solutions to all these problems.

JioFi Not Turning ON or JioFi Not working

If your JioFi device is not working and your JioFi is not switching ON.

One of the main reasons for this is that maybe your JioFi device battery is damaged, then, first of all, you should check your JioFi device battery.

If there is no fault in the battery of your JioFi then another reason for this may be that there has been a defect in the charging jack of your JioFi. May be charging jack of your JioFi has been damaged.

So You can follow some steps to find out and solve this problem.

  • First of all, you open the back cover of your JioFi and remove the battery of JioFi.
  • After this, put the JioFi device with the charging adapter and try to turn it ON.
  • If it turns on, then it means that your JioFi battery is damaged and you will have to take a new battery.

Let me tell you that JioFi can be used even without a battery, but for this, you will always have to connect the charging adapter to your JioFi.

But if your JioFi device is not turned on even after charging with the charging adapter, it means that your battery is all right and your charging jack is damaged, so you should repair it by going to your nearest electrical or repairing shop.

After you fix this charging jack issue, your JioFi will be definitely working fine.

JioFi Red Light Blinking | JioFi Red Signal Problem | JioFi Connectivity Error

Mostly people face Red light blinking Problem in their JioFi device so first of all, you need to know why this problem comes―

So for this, we have to know about these 3 lights which are blinking on our JioFi front side. These are 3 lights Red, Blue, and Green.

These 3 lights or indicators are WiFi, Battery, and Network Signal.

THE FIRST LIGHT is the WiFi Indicator, it tells the status of connecting devices, with your JioFi router.

THE SECOND LIGHT is Battery Indicator which tells us JioFi battery status, which means Jiofi router is charged or not.

AND THE LAST INDICATOR is Network Indicator which tells us the Network signal strength on our location.

So if there are Red light signals or Red light blinking in your JioFi that means your JioFi device is not getting good signals.

Most people say that it is a JioFi connectivity problem but sometimes this problem comes even on that location where are not any network issue in our area.

So you can solve this problem by following these below simple steps―

  • First of all, open the back cover of your JioFi device and remove the battery of JioFi.
  • After this, wait for 3 to 4 minutes and then put back the JioFi battery and then try to turn ON your JioFi device.
  • Most of the time, it has been seen that the connectivity problem of your JioFi device is completely solved by this trick.
  • Then Your JioFi device starts giving good internet speed.

But even if your problem is not solved, then you will have to hard reset your JioFi.


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I can say proudly that after resetting the JioFi almost all the problems related to your JioFi device can be solved.

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