Jio APN Settings 2020 for High Speed Internet (WORKING)

Are you facing slow internet problem with your Relience jio Sim? Or may be your 4G network speed has been decreased…

Don’t worry!

In this post, I will tell you some new Jio APN Settings that are working in 2020…

And by applying these settings you can run High-Speed FAST 4G Internet.

Below I give you apn settings for android and iphone both devices that you can apply RIGHT NOW!

Jio APN Settings for Android

Follow these simple steps to Configure Jio APN Settings on your android mobile―

Open your mobile settings and click on “Dual Sim & cellular Network

Click on dual sim and cellular network

Then choose your Jio Sim.

Choose Jio sim

Click on “Access Point Name

Choose Access Point Name

Then tap on the plus icon (+) on top right corner.

Tap on add icon

Now you have to set a New APN (Access Point Name) and you have to save some apn settings that are given below―

  • Name – Jio 4G Internet
  • APN – jionet
  • Proxy – Not set
  • Port – Not set
  • Username – Not set
  • Password – Not set
  • Server –
  • MMSC – Not set
  • MMS proxy – Not set
  • MMS port – Not set
  • MCC – 405 (Do not change this)
  • MNC – 810 (Do not change this)
  • Authentication type – PAP
  • APN type – default
  • APN protocol – IPV4/IPV6
  • APN roaming protocol – IPV4/IPV6
  • APN enable/disable – enable it
  • Bearer – LTE
  • MVNO Type – None
  • MVNO value – Not set
  • APN PPP phone number – Not set

These all internet settings will look like this:Jio apn settings

And half screenshot is this….

Internet settings for jio

After doing all apn settings, click on the “Save button” on top right corner.

Click on save

Finally, Tick on the new APN that you created Now…

Tick on new created apn

You have done all the steps successfully!

All these latest APN settings for jio are working in 2020.

I recommend you to once restart your phone after applying these all jio4G internet settings.

And then Enjoy High-Speed 4G internet.

You will see a big difference in your internet speed after configure these APN settings.

I believe you will get good internet connection after configure these settings.

Now You can check your net speed on website & you will see the boost on your internet speed.

Because using this method, I have also increase internet speed of my jio sim.

You can see the change between before and after….

Jio internet speed

Some important things you need to know while doing apn settings for jio―

  • These all APN settings will only work on your Android phone not iphone or Windows phone (iphone & Windows APN settings given below)
  • All the settings that I given here, I have tested on my phone Realme 5 Pro and that are WORKING very well.
  • May be your phone could be Samsung, Redmi, Oppo, Vivo or anything else…it does’nt matter.
  • All mobile phone users who are using reliance jio sim can try these above apn settings to increase their internet speed.
  • These internet settings works only on Jio 4G volte network so do not try to apply these APN settings if you are using other company sim card like: Airtel, Idea, Vodaphone…
  • Never change MCC and MNC options while changing any mobile apn settings because these are depends on your sim card location, so leave them as it is…

Jio APN Settings For iPhone

Sometimes iphone users also face slow Jio internet problem in their Jio 4G sim…

Here are some jio 4G LTE Network Settings for your ios (Apple) mobile that really works―

  • Open a website called (if your iphone has no cellular network first connect it with wifi)
  • Now scroll down and click on “Create APN” option.
  • Click on the “Carrier” option, it will open a drop down, so choose “Jio 4G” from the list.
  • Then click on “Create APN” it will open a new page to download apn settings.
  • On this new page, it will asked to download profile to configure internet settings in your iphone, so click on “Allow
  • Now go to your iphone settings and you will see a option called “Profile Downloaded” simply click on it.
  • Finally click on install button on top right corner.
  • You have done! Jio apn settings successfully installed now on your iphone.

This is the method to create APN manually in iphone.

I hope All these latest iphone APN Settings for Jio 4G will surely work for you.

After applying these settings, you can enjoy full high speed Jio 4G internet in your IOS device. (Also check your net speed before using internet you will see a significant boost on your network speed.)

Remember few things:

  • The given method is all about creating APN manually in your iphone, it is not same as android.
  • You can try this method in any iphone modes like: iphone5s, iphone6, iphone7 plus, 8plus and even iphone 11.
  • If this method works in your any model iphone mobile then let me know in the comment.

Jio Internet Settings for Windows Phone

Many people still use Windows smart phones today and like iPhone and Android, Windows also has to face slow internet problem.

So if you run slow internet on Jio SIM, then we have brought some of the best APN settings of Windows smartphone for JIO 4G internet.

You can increase the Internet speed of your smartphone by leaps and bounds…

Below are the settings―

  1. Open your windows smartphone “Settings“.
  2. Choose “Mobile+GSM” option.
  3. Set Data roaming option to “Don’t Roam“.
  4. Now Set the connection speed to ‘4G’
  5. Go back and open “Access Point” option.
  6. Now tap on plus(+) icon or add option to add new apn.
  7. Then set connection name as Jio and APN as jionet.
  8. Finally click on Save button.

You have Done!

Now once restart your phone & Enjoy High Speed 4G Internet.

Note – After some time, Reliance Jio continuously changes their APN settings from time to time. So from time to time, your 4G internet speed may be fast or less but it is not a problem.

Jio APN Settings by SMS

If you are looking for an easy way to get APN settings by sms then I am going to tell you about it.

Now I will tell you about code by dialing which you can automatically set up these internet settings for fast internet.

  • First of all, open dialer on your phone and dial the code *#*#4636*#*#
  • Then you have to click on “phone information”
  • Now you will see the option “LTE/TD-SCDMA/GSM” so click on it.
  • Choose “LTE only”

Now you have Done!

By doing this, your mobile will be available for fully 4G internet supported network and fast internet speed will be applied on your mobile so that you can use fast Jio net, you just have to restart your phone once then you can enjoy the fastest Jio 4G Internet.

How to fix Jio internet problem [Troubleshoot]

Mobile data on/off- If you face Jio internet problem then, first of all, check your mobile data is on or off. If it is off then turn on it and if it is already on then turn off and on it once.

Network selection- Choose network automatic not manual so that it will be connected with available Jio networks.

Check Network mode- Now you have to choose network mode LTE Jio 4G not 3G and 2G so it will work properly.

Benefits of Jio 4G LTE APN Settings 

The biggest benefit of these GPRS internet settings is that you can use the fastest speed internet on all locations. So we can say that Reliance Jio is a very good network provider that help their user to get high-speed internet.

By using the above net settings you can configure best Jio APN Settings for International roaming.

Why do I need to set APN settings in my mobile?

As I told before that every phone required some net settings to connect to the internet according to our service provider.

It all depends on our sim or network operator means we have to do these APN settings only if we use Jio sim.

And if we use airtel sim then we have to do airtel APN settings.

So now I hope you understand that we have to do APN setting according to our sim or network operator.

So different network operator requires different Access Point Name settings.

Note: Nowadays most phones do not need to do any settings because they already have automatic internet settings. But sometimes when some problem arises or due to a technical problem, we have to do APN settings manually.

Some FAQs Related to Jio APN settings

Here are some questions that most people are asking :

How to increase Jio Internet Speed?

Just setting up above Jio APN settings to your Android mobile then restart your phone so your Jio internet speed will be increased.

How to download Jio APN Settings?

Many people have this question so I just want to tell you that you have no need to download. You can just open your mobile setting and complete all the APN settings for the fast internet that I have mentioned in the post.

Do I need to set my phone to any specific settings in order to access the internet?

By default mostly smartphones automatically set up their APN according to their Network operator. But still, if you are facing an internet problem then you can change your phone’s APN settings.

What is the best Jio internet settings for high speed internet?

Try above best Jio APN Settings to run fast 4g internet.

Final Thoughts

I hoped you find useful this article about “Jio APN Settings

Now I want to here from you:

Ask me any questions in comment, if you face any problem when doing APN Settings….

And if these APN settings are working in 2020 then…

Let me know by leaving a quick comment.

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