Latest Jio APN Settings 2020 for High Speed Internet (WORKING)

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In this article, I am going to give you the solution of your all problems related to these below queries―

Jio Apn Settings for Fast Internet
Jio Internet Settings for High speed 4g Internet
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Some Jio Net settings which really works
How to Increase Jio Internet Speed
What is the fastest Jio APN Settings

So please read this article completely to know about increasing your Jio 4g speed like a “ROCKET”

Ever since Jio has come into the market, nowadays most people are using Jio in the case of the Internet.

Nowadays so many people have shifted to Jio from other telecom networks. So sometimes we have to face a slow internet problem on Jio Internet.

Now in such a situation, many people do not know about Jio APN settings, after setting up it, you can run fast internet. So today I will tell you about doing Jio APN settings.

Jio APN settings for Android | Jio Internet Settings

Here are some simple steps that you have to follow for Jio APN settings –

First of all, open your “mobile settings”

Jio APN settings
Now tap on “Mobile network”

Jio APN settings
Now tap on “Access Point Names”

Jio APN settings
Click on “Plus icon”

Jio APN settings

Here You have to do some settings

1st:- Save these Jio 4g APN Settings

  • Name – Jio 4g
  • APN – Jio Net
  • Proxy – Not set
  • Port – Not set
  • Username – Jio 4g Internet
  • Password – Not set
  • MMSC – Not set
  • MMS proxy – Not set
  • MMS port – Not set
  • MCC – 405
  • MNC – 810
  • Authentication type – Not set
  • APN type – Not set
  • APN protocol – IPV4/IPV6
  • APN roaming protocol – IPV4/IPV6
  • APN enable/disable – enable it
  • Bearer – Tick all the options but leave unspecified
  • MVNO Type – None
  • MVNO value – Not set
  • APN PPP phone number – Not set

After doing these all settings just “save” it.

Jio APN settings

So it is the simple method to setup Jio APN settings. It is a “100% working method” that can help you to run fast Jio Internet.

After using APN settings, your internet speed will increase significantly.

But in any case, if this APN setting does not work on your phone than Don’t worry…

Here I am giving you the other Best APN settings for fast Jio 4g internet.

2nd:- Jio Net Speed Setting | Jio Internet Speed Setting

  • Name – Jio Speed
  • APN – Jio Net
  • Proxy – No Change
  • Port – No Change
  • Username – No Change
  • Password – No Change
  • Server – www.Google.Com
  • MMSC – No Change
  • MCC – 405
  • MNC – 857 OR 863 OR 874
  • Authentication Type – No Change
  • APN Type – IPv4/IPv6

After completing these settings, click on the “Save” button and then restart your phone.

Now you will see that your Jio 4g internet speed will be increased.

You can also increase your Jio net speed by the Speed checker app.

3rd:- Increase Jio 4g Net Speed for Fast Internet

  • Name – Jio internet 1
  • APN – Jio Net
  • Proxy – Not set
  • Port – Not set
  • Username – Not set
  • Password – Not set
  • Server – *99#
  • MMSC – Not set
  • MMS proxy – Not set
  • MMS port – Not set
  • MCC – (Do not change)
  • MNC – (Do not change this)
  • Authentication type – PAP
  • APN type – Default, SUPL
  • APN protocol – IPV4/IPV6
  • APN roaming protocol – IPV4/IPV6
  • Bearer – LTE
  • MVNO Type – None
  • MVNO value – Not set

After saving these APN settings, Restart your phone and enjoy high-speed internet!

Jio APN settings for iPhone

  1. Connect your iPhone to a remote WiFi connection.
  2. Then Open browser app and go to ‘
  3. as soon as the site opens, scroll down to ‘Create APN’ option.
  4. Choose ‘Reliance Jio’ from the drop-down list.
  5. Finally, click on ‘Create APN’ Option.
  6. You will be asked to install the profile on the new page.
  7. Click on Install option to install Jio APN settings.
Note – After some time, Jio continuously changes their APN settings from time to time. So from time to time, your live internet speed may be fast or less but it is not a problem.

Jio APN settings for Redmi Note4

For almost all smartphones, the Jio APN settings are almost the same, so if you have to set up Jio APN for Redmi Note 4 or Redmi Note 7 Pro, then you can use the method given above.

Jio APN setting for Samsung | Jio APN setting for Realme

The problem of Jio internet setting comes mostly to Samsung and real users, but let me tell you, Jio APN setting or Jio Net setting for fast internet is not a big deal. One can easily set up Jio APN in Up east, Kerala, Rajsthan, etc. and all of the states very easily.

Jio APN settings for PUBG mobile game

If you are fond of playing the Pubg game, then you must be aware that high-speed internet is required to play Pubg, that is why our mobile phone internet should be very fast.

Only then we can play the Pubg game easily. So if you want to set APN for PUBG game then you can follow the steps given above and I hope you will get Jio APN settings for low ping and high-speed internet after following these above APN settings for high-speed internet.

Jio internet settings SMS number | Jio net settings by SMS

If you are looking for an easy way to do Jio APN settings or if you want to set up Jio APN by SMS, then I am going to tell you about it. Now I will tell you about code by dialing which you can automatically set Jio internet setting and Jio APN settings for fast internet.

First of all, open dialer on your phone and dial the code *#*#4636*#*#

Jio apn settings

Then you have to click on “phone information”

Jio apn settings

Now you will see the option “LTE/TD-SCDMA/GSM” so click on it.

Jio apn settings

Choose “LTE only”

Jio apn settings

Now you have Done!

By doing this, your mobile will be available for fully 4G internet supported network and fast internet speed will be applied on your mobile so that you can use fast Jio net, you just have to restart your phone once then you can enjoy the fast Jio 4G Internet.

Jio APN settings Android 4G by official Jio website

Here is the screenshot of some Jio APN settings that shortly recommended by Jio’s official website 👇👇👇

Jio internet settings

How to fix Jio internet problem [Troubleshoot]

Mobile data on/off- If you face Jio internet problem then, first of all, check your mobile data is on or off. If it is off then turn on it and if it is already on then turn off and on it once.

Network selection- Choose network automatic not manual so that it will be connected with available Jio networks.

Check Network mode- Now you have to choose network mode LTE Jio 4G not 3G and 2G so it will work properly.

Benefits of Jio APN settings {2020}

The biggest benefit of Jio APN settings or Jio GPRS internet settings is that you can use the fastest speed internet on all locations on Jio sim. So we can say Jio is a very good network provider that help their user to get high-speed internet.

By using the above settings you can configure Jio APN Settings for International roaming
or Jio internet settings on your mobile phone.

What is the APN and why do we need to use this?

If you do not know what is APN and why do we need to use APN settings, so here is the answer:

What is APN- APN means Access Point Name and it is a name that provides the information which is needed to connect your phone with the wireless network service provider.

So if you want to connect your phone with the Internet then your phone has to some required APN settings.

And by implementing those APN settings on your phone, you will be able to run the internet on your mobile phone.

Example: If you use Jio Internet, then you have to set Jio APN settings in your mobile and the method of which I have explained above.

So in the case of Jio sim, you will be connected to Jio service provider after using Jio APN settings.

Why do I need to set APN settings in my mobile- As I told before that every phone required some APN settings to connect to the internet according to our service provider.

It all depends on our sim or network operator means we have to do Jio APN settings only if we use Jio sim.

And if we use airtel sim then we have to do airtel APN settings. So now I hope you understand that we have to do APN settings according to our sim or network operator.

So different network operator requires different APN settings.

Note: Nowadays most phones do not need to do APN settings because they already have automatic internet settings. But sometimes when some problem arises or due to a technical problem, we have to do APN settings manually.

Some questions related to Jio APN settings

Here are some questions that most people are asking :

Q. How to increase Jio speed?

Ans. Just setting up above Jio APN settings to your Android mobile then restart your phone so your Jio internet speed will be increased.

Q. What is the best APN setting for Jio?

Ans. You can try above APN setting fast Jio internet access.

Q. How to download Jio APN settings?

Ans. Many people have this question so I just want to tell you that you have no need to download. You can just open your mobile setting and complete all the APN settings for the fast internet that I have mentioned in the post.

Q. What is APN for Jio 4g?

Ans. “Jio Net” ( you can set this access point name for Jio 4g internet )

Q. How do I set my APN?

Ans. Just follow the above steps and complete all the settings for Jio internet.

Q. How do I activate mobile data?

Ans. Application >> Settings >> wireless and network >> mobile networks >> activate it.
( At this time, most smartphones have an option of mobile data at notification bar so you can turn on mobile data from notification shortcut )

Q. Do I need to set my phone to any specific settings in order to access the internet?

Ans. By default mostly smartphones automatically set up their APN according to their Network operator. But still, if you are facing an internet problem then you can change your phone’s APN settings.

Q. Are there internet settings depends on the network operator?

Ans. Yes, In different networks you can feel different internet speeds based on their signals.

Q. What is Customer Care No of Jio?

Ans. Jio customer care no. is 1800 889 9999

Q. What is the full form of JIO?

Ans. Full form of is Jio is –

“Joint Implementation Opportunities”

Q. What is the full form of VoLTE and LTE?

Ans. full form of VoLTE is – “Voice Over Long Term Evolution”

full form of LTE is – “Long Term Evolution”


Through this article, I have tried to provide you a complete guide about Jio APN settings.

So if you find this article useful for you, then give us your feedback in comment and share it with your friends on social media.

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