Index of Movies (Download Movies Directly) In 2 MINUTE


Do you like watching the latest movies?

If “YES” Then you must have once searched on Google “online movies download” or “Download new movies for free”

It means that you want to watch or download movies online for free, if “YES”

Then you came to the “Right place”

Because today in this post I will tell you how you can (securely) download a movie from the “Index of Movies” websites without any problems.

How to Download movies from “Index of Movies”


Here are the STEPS 👇

1. Open your browser and Go to (You can also do it with both mobile and laptop)


2. Copy the given code and paste it on the Google search bar.

Movie Name -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mp4|wma|aac|avi)


In the code, You have to replace the [Movie Name] to the name of the movie that you want to download. Then click the “Search” button.

3. Then You will see many websites so click on one of the websites which seems clear results.


4. When you click on any website, you will see a lot of links for directly download movies on those websites.


So now, Just find the movie that you want to download.

If you are using mobile (in chrome browser) then click on the “Top Right 3 dots.”


Then click on “Find in page” for searching.


Then type your movie name so you will see your movie name.


If you use PC or laptop then CTRL+F in your keyboard (for searching) and Type the name of your movie.

5. Once you found your movie name and click on the link, the download will be started automatically.

After this process, wait for complete downloading then you can enjoy your movie!

(If you use a PC or laptop than sometimes the Windows player does not work so you can use a VLC media player to play your movie)

Here is another method to get the Direct Download link of your movies.

Find movies with their File formats

In this method, you can download movies in any of their file formats like – MP4, 3GP, MKV, OGG, etc.

First of all, copy the below code and paste it in the Google search bar.

intitle:index.of? mkv


After this code, Enter the movie name that you want to download then click on the Search button.

For example: If you want to Download the “Dangal” movie then enter the code and click on the search button.

intitle:index.of? mkv Dangal

Note: (You can change Mkv to your desired file formats)

Now open one of the websites.


Then you will see many results so simply CTRL+F in your keyboard to found your movie name.

Once you found your movie then click on it and that’s Done. Your movie will download automatically.


In most websites, you will find 4-5 direct download links for movie download so click on any of them then the movie will start downloading.

Some other Google tricks to find the direct download link of any movie

There are many such Google tricks on the Internet, through which you can find the direct download link of any movie.

We are telling you some of these tricks in a short way so we are sharing here some screenshots which will help you to understand these methods.

#1. Use multiple keywords with inverted commas


In this method, you need to enter multiple keywords with inverted commas like “Dangal” “movie” “download” “3gp” and with this trick, you get the direct download link.

#2. Use the “Download Now” keyword


As you know, most of the sites give their download links under the “download now” button. So by this Google trick, you will only those websites that give the download now keyword on their website so it will very useful for you to find the direct download link.

#3. Search the Movie name along with an extension in URL


This Google trick will give you the relevant sites which have the Movie download link with extension. So you can also try this method to find the direct download link of any Movie.

Now you have already learned how to download a movie from Index of Movies so let us know a little more about it like –

  • What is the Index of movies?
  • Is Index of movies Legal?
  • Can I safe when download movies from Index of movies?
  • How does the Index of movies work?

So Let’s Know –

What is the Index of movies?

Ans. Like its name, An index of “Movies” means There are some directories or websites on the internet (which has a huge collection of movies) From where you can found various movies and download them absolutely free.

Is Index of movies Legal?

Ans. This is a great question. So I want to tell you that most of these websites have real owners who upload them and Google also not found any illegal thing on these websites so I think it’s not illegal.

Can I Safe when downloading movies from Index of movies?

Ans. Don’t worry. It is safe for you because the file you download from here that is completely virus-free. So there is not an issue to download movies from Index of movie websites.

How does the Index of movies work?

Ans. Mostly Index of movie websites is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) servers where you can download movies directly from their servers which has static IP to access.

Benefits of Index of movies

Here are some benefits of “Index of movies”

  • 👉 Save your time.
  • 👉 Give you the direct download link.
  • 👉 You do not need to go to any pirated website to download movies.
  • 👉 Just search on Google and access to the wide library of movies.

Finally, I think you learn useful information about “Index of Movies” so this is the complete information about the Index of movies. if you find this article useful for you then give us your feedback in the comment.


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