How to find an IP address of anyone

Internet is a very dependable thing in today’s time to know about anything or to learn something or to talk to someone. You can do everything easily with the help of the Internet but many people of the internet also do misuse Therefore, whatever user is using the internet, an IP address is given so that it can be identified in the internet and they do not misuse the internet. Apart from this, You can find out the location from the race. So, in today’s article, we will tell you how you can know anybody’s IP address i.e. how to find an IP address.

How to find an IP address

Internet Protocol is the full form of the IP (Internet Protocol) It is very easy to find the address of any computer or mobile. If you want to know your IP address then just go to Google and search for what is my ip address then you will get your At present the IP address will tell or you can also go to the whatismyipaddress website but if you know your friend or family’s IP address or you have internet connection If you are chatting then how can you know his IP address, that is, you are doing WhatsApp or Facebook Chating and you have to know his IP address, how do you know, let’s know “How to find someone’s IP Address ?

How to find IP address of anyone

1. Create link to know IP address

If you want to know the IP address of anybody, first of all, you have to create a link that can track the user’s IP address to see what the user’s public IP address is for you. To go to the website whose name is the IPLogger, you can also search by visiting Google, then you have to open it on this website in your computer or mobile system.

After that you can now enter the name of a website. You can create a short link by putting the name of any website here. Whether you want to use Google image links or a social networking website then here But on the link of the Facebook website, you can create a link to any website.

2. Make a shortcode link and share it

As soon as you create a link, after this you will have to send this link to anyone who knows the IP address, here you can send this link either by whatsapp or facebook chat or by email, as soon as the user If you click on the link then you will easily find its IP address, here you have to share this link like a message and write something on it so that the user can easily click on the link.

So here you have to click on the “click to create” option, then copy the link after this, then send the link to the IP address you want to know and then once the user clicks the link you will know its IP Address.

3. Now know the IP Address

As soon as the user clicks on the link, you will have his IP address, so here you have to remember the address.

Save the URL before the name of the statistics, so that you know later what the IP address is. So here, you have to click on the IP’s, click on it, after that you have to refresh the page, you will get the use hir’s IP address.

So in this way you can know the IP address of any user, so here you have to remember that you have to keep the viewing statistics link so that you can easily find the IP address later.

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