How To Change JioFi Band to 40 (Increase Internet Speed)

Hello Friends, In my previous article I told you about increasing the Jio internet speed without doing APN settings. In that article, I also told you what is the band and which band gives faster coverage and speed.

In this article, we will talk about How to change the JioFi band to 40.

In this article, you will know how we can lock the band because bands are auto-selected in our smartphone. Due to which we do not get the fast internet speed.

What is JioFi Band?

A band is a medium through which data is sent and received. Different bands have different capacities. Its unit is Hertz.

You may be aware that LTE band 40 i.e. 2300Mhz band has the fastest internet speed.

That is why if we want fast internet speed, then we have to lock this band so that no other band is selected.

Now you want to know how to lock JioFi band 40 in PC or Mobile and how to change JioFi band to 40.

How to Lock JioFi band to 40

Different bands in our mobile phones are auto-selected so that we are unable to get fast internet speed.

To solve this problem, you have to change the JioFi band to band 40 so that no other band is selected and you can always run high-speed internet on band 40.

You have to follow some steps to lock the JioFi band to 40.

First of all, Install the “MTK Engineering Mode” app from the play store.

After installing, open the app and click on “MTK Settings”

Then click on “Band Mode”

On the next screen, You will see 3 types of network―

  • GSM
  • UMPS
  • LTE

Select “LTE” and then “Untick” all options but leave Band 40 as it is.
Then click on the “Set” button.

You have successfully change the band to 40

Now you can connect your JioFi device with your smartphone and you will see that you have changed JioFi band to 40 because you have locked the JioFi band to 40.

After doing all these settings your Jio band will be locked at 40 and you will get fast internet speed.

This trick mostly works on MediaTek processor smartphones but you can also try this on your smartphone.

Tell me in the comment that what is the maximum and minimum internet speed you get on your smartphone.

If you have any doubt then ask me in the comment section, I will definitely answer your comment.

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