DownloadHub: [2020] Download {New} Latest 300MB Movies

Do you also want to download and watch the latest movies online, then you must have heard the name of the website “DownloadHub”

DownloadHub is the only website that gives you good experience from other movies downloading website.

And on this website you can download the latest Hindi movies, Bollywood and Hollywood movies, Tamil, Marathi and Malayalam movies and 300 MB movies for free.

ALERT: But before downloading movies from such a website, you should know about them or else you may be at a great loss.

So, if you want to download the movies without any problem, then read this post completely.

And after reading this post, you will understand whether you should download movies online or NOT?

What is the DownloadHub website?


DownloadHub is a #Pirated website That creates a pirated copy of original movies and uploads it to its website.

And after it, from where you can download movies of your choice like:-

Latest Bollywood Movies, Hindi dubbed movies, 300MB movies, Marathi movies, Telugu and Tamil movies, Malayalam movies, Punjabi movies absolutely free.

Now you must have understood that the DownloadHub website does not publish any original movies, instead it creates a pirated copy of the original movies and puts their Download link on its website.

After this, you go to those websites and download your favorite movies in different file formats like:-
1080p, 720p, 360p, Mkv, Mp4, 3GP, etc.

As we know “DownloadHub” is a video pirated website so you have to face many problems while you access this website so let us know how to access this website👇

Can I access the DownloadHub website?

As you know, the DownloadHub website pirated the latest movies and uploads them to its website, which is absolutely ILLEGAL.

And that’s why this website has been blocked many times due to piracy🚫 That is why it is not so easy to access this website.

You may face many problems in it, so today I will tell you about how to access the DownloadHub website.

Here are 2 methods to access DownloadHub website first is from mobile and second from PC or Laptop so let us know:-

1. How to access DownloadHub from mobile

  • If you want to access the DownloadHub website from mobile, then you will need a VPN to change the location.
  • So first of all, install a VPN app in your mobile (it can be a free VPN or paid VPN app)
  • After installing a VPN, choose the location of the United States.
  • Then your IP address will be changed, which will be the IP address of the United States rather than your current location.
  • After doing this, you can download the movie without any problem by going to the official website of DownloadHub.

2. How to access DownloadHub from PC or Laptop

  • If you are using a laptop or desktop to download a movie, then you will need to install the Chrome browser.
  • If you already have a Chrome browser on your PC, then you will need to install a VPN extension in your browser to access the DownloadHub website.
  • For this, you can install a VPN extension named “TunnelBear”.
  • After installing VPN you do not need to register here, that’s why it is very simple to use this VPN extension.
  • All you have to do is select the location in the United States, which will change your IP address.
  • Then you can download the movie of your choice by going to the official website of DownloadHub.

Before going further, Let us know how to download movies from DownloadHub👇

How to download movies from DownloadHub?


As I told you that DownloadHub is a pirated website, so you should know that all the content put on this website is illegal.

In the eyes of the government, all those websites which download free pirated movies do all illegal work, that’s why the government places a 🚫Ban 🚫 on such websites.

And if you download anything from these websites, then it will be believed that you are also promoting Piracy, that is why you should not download movies from such websites.

If you really want to watch the movie, then my suggestion is that you go to theaters and watch the movie.

You can also take the subscription plan of Amazon Netflix and Hotstar Prime, which you will have to pay. These are legal ways to watch all the movies.

If you want to download movies knowing all this, then you can follow the steps given below to download movies from DownloadHub

Steps to download movies from DownloadHub

  • First of all, you will have to go to the DownloadHub website.
  • When you reach the DownloadHub website, you will see the latest published movies there.
  • If you want to download any of your favorite movies other than these latest movies, then you will see an open search bar on the home page of this website. Type in the name of the movie and search for it.
  • Then you will see the results related to the movie as you have searched. If that movie was uploaded on this website, then you will see it.

Here let me tell you that all these movies download websites that make you available free movies, that’s why all these websites make money through pop up ads and lots of other advertisements.

So whenever you download movies from DownloadHub, you will get some 4-5 ads to see.

  • All you have to do is skip these ads one by one and after finally skipping all the advertisements, you will see the thumbnail of that movie.
  • All you have to do is click on the download link under the thumbnail of that movie.
  • Clicking on the download link, the movie will start downloading automatically.

If you’re using a PC or laptop then you can use IDM (Internet Download Manager) for fast download speed.

Download movies from DownloadHub app


DownloadHub also has its own application. So if you have trouble browsing then you can use the DownloadHub app to make your download experience better and comfortable.

The special thing about the app is that you do not have to see any kind of ads on it.

So this app is much simpler and better than the website.

From where you can download movies without any hassle and in the app, you will also get a much better experience than the website.

DownloadHub app details

The DownloadHub app has many such features that you will not see on the website.

In this website, you will get download speed much faster than the website, so that you will be able to download movies quickly.

Apart from this, you will not get to see any kind of ads in this app, so you can download movies from here very easily.

  • App Name: DownloadHub
  • File Size: 3.09 MB
  • Version: v3.0
  • Requirement: Android 4.0 & Above
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam
  • License: Free

After knowing all these things Do You Know that-

Are you safe when downloading the movies from DownloadHub website?

My answer is NOT 100%

Because most of these types of pirated websites have #Banned by the Government of India.

Take the Example of my story:-

One day I was searching for downloading movies online on the Internet, that’s why I opened Google and searched “Online movie download”

After searching this, I reached on a website called DownloadHub.

I have seen many latest Hindi movies, Tamil movies, Bangla movies or many other movies on this website to download for free.

That’s why I downloaded some movies from there for free and I saved it on my PC so that I can watch that movie later.

After 4-5 days, when I opened my PC, it was running very slow, that’s why I thought something was wrong with it.

That is why I sent it to be repaired where I was told that my PC had been attacked by a very large #virus, which corrupted all my important files and data.

When I heard that I was completely SHOCKED😱

The repairman said that the virus has come to your PC through a movie that you store in your browser.

Then I told him that I had downloaded some movies from the DownloadHub website a few days ago and probably all the damage has been done by the same movie.

Then he explained to me that we should never download a movie from any torrent website that gives us the latest free movie for downloads.

Because most such movies are pirated movies downloading websites that pirated the original movies and put some viruses in it.

Then Upload it on their website so that they can easily steal our data and then whenever a guy comes to their website and downloads movies from here.

So their system will be corrupted by the viruses (it may be attacked on any kind of systems like mobile, laptop and desktop)

Therefore, we should never download movies from such torrent websites because it is absolutely illegal, that is why the government keeps banning movies downloading websites like this.

Websites like DownloadHub is illegal

When I searched more on the internet, I came to know that when we go to such torrent websites, if we do not even download the movie and come back, then our IP address is stored on these websites.

So we Never ❎ visit these pirated websites like DownloadHub and also not download any movie from there.

Why DownloadHub is illegal?

Let me tell you that whenever a movie is made, producers and directors spend a lot of money on that movie.

And when that movie is ready, then the movie is either sold or direct distributed so that it can be released in theaters, then a release date is fixed.

After that, when that movie is released, then people go to theaters to watch that movie and they buy a ticket for that movie and then pay money, then they are able to watch the movie.

Which keeps everything going well ☺ and the producers and directors also get their own money back and movies get some benefit.

But on the other hand, some people are like a #villain in the story. These people make pirated copies of original movies and then upload these pirated movies on their website.

So this is an illegal thing because movie directors and all the film industry have a big loss due to piracy.

So these types of pirated websites are completely illegal.

DownloadHub 2020 new website link

Due to being a pirated website, the DownloadHub website has been banned many times.

Despite this, the owners of this website keep launching new websites, so that their audiences keep moving from one website to another.

Therefore, here are the links of some such DownloadHub website which have been updated recently DownloadHub.ccc

If any of the above-mentioned websites are not opening, then it means that the website has been blocked.

You can use VPN to open this blocked website as I tell you above about how to access DownloadHub.

Downloadhub VPN Kaise use Karen?

As you know, DownloadHub provides movies to us illegally, so the government has banned this website, but if you want to use this website, then it will be your sole responsibility because I will never give you I would not recommend using pirated websites.

You will have to use VPN to download Hindi movies from the DownloadHub website to download movies for which you can use one of the best VPN like turbo VPN which works for both mobile and laptop or PC.

DownloadHub Proxy [2019-20]

Here are some downloadHub proxy sites that are used by most people. Millions of people visit these websites every day and download movies and most of these websites are unblocked.

  • downloadhub.ccc
  • downloadhub.ccc

New Leaked movies and web content Downloadhub {Latest TV shows}

  • Naagin Season 4 2020 Full Download 800 MB HDTV 480p
  • Khatron KE Khiladi 2020 Full Download 350 MB HH 480p
  • Saa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil champs 2020 Full Download 250 MB HDTV 480p
  • Rooh ki Aaaan 2020 Full Download 350 MB HDTV 480p
  • Knocked Up Hindi Dual Audio Full Download 200 MB HDTV 480p
  • Monster Inc. Hindi dual audio 200 MB HDTV 480p is a very popular movie downloading website which is also considered as the official website of DownloadHub.

You should know that this website has copied the very famous movie server 123 Movies and a website called “MovieRulz”

And by combining these two websites, this website has been created.

Most of the content and movies that are provided for download on this website are copied from the famous website Movierulz, hence it also comes under piracy.

Millions of people visit this website every day and download the latest Hollywood movies.

Due to so much traffic on these websites, all these websites earn money through popup ads.

So whenever you go to these websites to download any movie, you have to see some popup ads and only after watching them you can able to download the movie from this website. website is also of DownloadHub itself, which is another website of its own, which is exactly like

More than 500 contents have been uploaded on this website. But the feature of watching movies online has not been made available on this website.

On this website, you will not find old content or old movies because this website only provides new movies online from where you can download new latest movies online.

Here, let me tell you, the movies downloaded from this website will get you a little less quality than HD quality, so their size will also be a little less.

That’s why you can easily download 300mb movies and 700 MB movies from here in 720p and 360p formats.

It is also a similar website of DownloadHub which allows you to download movies online, which it uploads on its website.

This website was created two years ago. But due to piracy, this website has been blocked by many countries.

Yet this website is unblocked in many countries where it is unblocked and millions of people download movies from this website every day.

This website does not upload Hollywood content, that’s why you can download Bollywood, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, etc. movies but not Hollywood.

This website was also created last year but still, this website has become very popular and today this website is used by millions of people.

This website also makes you download the latest movies online for free. But to use this website, you have to install a free VPN app and select the United States as a location, then you can enjoy this website.

Due to its strong server, you get download speed very fast.

But there is also another way to use these websites, which is more secure than a VPN.

In this method, you have to use some proxy servers that make a direct connection from the server to the receiver so that you can easily download pirated content online.

This website was created 2 years ago and due to piracy, it was also blocked by many countries.

That is why you will have to use a VPN to use this website. For this, you do not need to use any premium VPN.

This website is famous for downloading most Punjabi movies, so if you also want to download Punjabi movies online, you can download Punjabi movies by visiting this website.

This website is exactly like the official website of DownloadHub. This website is also known as Torrent Magnet.

Mostly Tamil and Telugu movies are uploaded on this website. And it is one of the most popular DownloadHub domain.

You can download movies from this website but you cannot watch movies online on the website.

Most Bollywood movies are downloaded on this website and more than 1500 Bollywood films have been uploaded on this website so far.

This website is a new website but still, it has become very popular in a very short time. Because it uploads a lot of content which provides you faster download speed than other DownloadHub websites.

This is a very old DownloadHub website on which most of the old movies have been uploaded.

That is why if you want to download old movies, like other DownloadHub website, you can download movies from here.

And more than 2500+ movies have been uploaded here.

Download Film from DownloadHub Movies List

From this website, you can download Hindi dubbed, 300mb Bollywood movies and 700mb Hindi movies. Some such movies categories which are available on this website are given below:-

  • Bollywood Video Song
  • Hindi TV Show
  • Mobile Movies
  • Pakistani Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Malayalam Movies
  • 720p HEVC Movies
  • Bollywood Mp3 song
  • Pakistani TV Shows
  • PC Games
  • English TV Show
  • Trailer

DownloadHub online Movie watch

If you have come to the DownloadHub website to watch movies online, then you should know that this website is completely illegal.

The content and movies put on these websites are pirated which may contain any kind of virus. So you should not download movies from these pirated and torrent websites.

DownloadHub Latest Movies download

Here are some of the latest movies that have been uploaded on this website, most of these movies are Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi Movies.

  • Robot2.0
  • Avatar movie Hindi 720p
  • Guns and Thighs
  • Raid full movie
  • Mohalla Assi
  • Life of PI full movie in Hindi
  • Chalte-Chalte 2003 720p

Downloadhub trade movie watch online| Downloadhub Malayalam

DownloadHub net gives you a chance to watch and download movies online, so millions of people visit this website every day and download Malayalam Movies HD Movies and Hindi Movies, besides this website also gives you a chance to watch songs and TV serials and Hindi TV Shows. That is why this website is at the forefront of the pirated websites.

DownloadHub in Marathi

I firmly believe that Marathi movies are liked by a lot of people in the same way that people like Hindi movies in our country.

So if you are thinking of downloading Marathi movies then you will find Marathi movies on this website.

But this website does piracy, due to which people suffer a lot. That is why you are avoiding this website so that you can not get wrapped in Piracy.

Why DownloadHub has Blocked in the United States

As you know, pirated websites in India and the United States are completely illegal.

Therefore, anyone who runs a pirated website can be punished for it.

Publishers and movie directors suffer a lot due to pirated websites. So the government Bans such web sites and blocks them.

When the Government of the United States searched such a website on Google, they came to know about the DownloadHub website. That is why they Banned this website and blocked it.

But the founder of DownloadHub has created thousands of domain names by which his website keeps running in different countries through different domain names. This causes a lot of trouble 😑 for the government.

We request you to never ❎ download movies from such pirated websites. So I recommend you to only go to theaters and watch movies and follow only the legal ☑ methods given by the government.

Is the DownloadHub website safe or not?

As I said that DownloadHub has been banned in the United States. So if you live in the United States, then you cannot use this site.

But if you are from India or any other country then you also should not use pirated websites because all these websites are absolutely illegal.

Top Best Alternative of DownloadHub website

Here are some such websites which are exactly like the DownloadHub website. You can also download the latest Hindi Movies Bangla Movies and 300MB Hindi Movies by visiting the website.

  • MovieRulz
  • Putlocker
  • 9xmovies
  • 7starHD
  • Filmywap
  • Tamilyogi
  • TamilMV
  • JioRockers
  • Moviespur
  • 1337x
  • 1377x
  • RdxHD
  • KatmoviesHD
  • Thatstamil

Why DownloadHub website is so Popular?

A few years ago, people had no means of entertainment.

After the arrival of technology, television came among the people which people used very much and also liked it very much.

At that time people had very few resources. After some time, VCR came and then after some time CD and DVD came into the market.

Due to which the film started coming in the form of cassettes. Which became quite popular and people would get to see the good quality film in their home.

Nowadays, due to increasing the craze of the internet and smartphone, CD, DVD, and VCR have almost disappeared from the people.

That’s why nowadays people like watching movies online for entertainment, chatting, video calling, playing games and downloading movies, etc.

If you are coming to download movies then you definitely want to download movies like-

Latest Hindi movies, Bollywood movies, Hollywood Movies, Telugu movies, Punjabi movies, Bangala movies, 300mb movies, 700mb movies, HD movies, etc.

Some keywords that help you to download movies from Downloadhub

These are the important keywords that I will help you to find available download hub websites so you can search them on Google.

  • Downloadhub 2020
  • Downloadhub latest
  • Downloadhub Kannada
  • Downloadhub movies download
  • Downloadhub win
  • Downloadhub lol
  • Downloadhub trade
  • Downloadhub Malayalam
  • Downloadhub latest URL
  • Downloadhub tel
  • Downloadhub pro
  • Downloadhub portal
  • Downloadhub ive
  • Downloadhub ws
  • Downloadhub official website
  • Downloadhub homepage
  • Downloadhub song
  • Downloadhub proxy
  • Downloadhub 2019
  • Downloadhub 2020 movies download
  • Downloadhub new links
  • Downloadhub new domain
  • Downloadhub space
  • movie
  • Downloadhub HD movies
  • Downloadhub Hindi TV show
  • Downloadhub.i n
  • Downloadhub la
  • Downloadhub Apk
  • Downloadhub info
  • Downloadhub Punjabi movies
  • Downloadhub Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies
  • Downloadhub 2020 movie download
  • Downloadhub 300
  • Downloadhub Mobi
  • Downloadhub cc
  • Downloadhub biz
  • Downloadhub cool
  • O2 Cinema Downloadhub

Legal ways to download and watch online movies

Here are some best legal website and apps which are 100% legal, safe and secure so you can definitely use them without any problem.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Movies4U
  • Sony Liv
  • Ice movie
  • MovieNinja
  • Yesmovies
  • LookMovie
  • Hotstar
  • Mx Player
  • Moviezwap
  • Sony Crunch
  • GoMovies
  • Nitro


As the Internet is reaching people, the demand for movies downloading is also increasing.

But our website ( never allows pirated movies to be downloaded.

It is our best effort to provide complete information about these websites to people and keep them away from such aside.

I want to tell you that you should use the right way ☑ to download movies so that you do not face any trouble later.

So that no rules are violated and no wrongdoing is promoted.

Our job is to show you the right path and always stay away from such illegals website. And follow every rule of the government.

Therefore, through this post, we are working to give you the right information and also to spread awareness among you all.

If you like this information, then share it with your friends and also make them aware.


Note: It is illegal under Indian law to piracy any content or movie. Our website strongly opposes this kind of piracy. This article has been written only to caution you of illegal activities. This website has no relation with the piracy websites, nor does our website promote any kind of piracy. You are requested to choose the right way to download movies and always stay away from such websites and keep others away.


Now You are Here it means…You read this post completely So First of all “Thank you”💖 so much for giving your important time.

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