How to connect JioFi to PC Laptop Mobile (3 Easy Ways)

  • Do you want to connect to your JioFi to PC or Laptop?
  • Do you want to run the internet on your computer or laptop through JioFi?
  • Do you want to connect JioFi to PC with USB or without USB?

In this article, I will tell you about 3 easy ways to connect JioFi to PC with step by step.

After applying these methods, I guarantee you that you will definitely learn to connect JioFi to PC.

You can connect up to 30 devices to WiFi via JioFi where only one device can be connected via USB cable.

So today I will tell you how to connect JioFi to PC using USB cable and without USB (wirelessly)

How to connect JioFi to PC

Connecting JioFi to PC laptop and mobile is very easy, but if you are having trouble connecting JioFi to PC, mobile or laptop, then today you will definitely get a solution for this problem, so read this post completely.

1st Method:- Connect JioFi to PC without USB

First of all, you insert a SIM in your JioFi Router.

Press the power key for three seconds to turn ‘ON’ your JioFi router.

How to connect jiofi to pc

Now You have to check “Signal strength” and “Wifi indicator” in the JioFi front side.

There are Red, Green and blue signals on JioFi which show the signal strength.

  • If it is Green:- It means JioFi is receiving good signal strength.
  • Blue shows:- Medium signal strength.
  • Red shows:- No SIM, no signal, or SIM is not inserted properly.
  • Now to connect JioFi to PC, Go to your Pc or Laptop “device settings” and open the “WiFi menu” then Turn ON WiFi.
  • Once you turned on WiFi, It will detect available devices automatically.
  • Click on the JioFi network from discovered devices.
  • It will ask JioFi User ID and Password which you get from your JioFi router box or you can find it in the JioFi battery compartment.

Jiofi user id and password

After entering the login details, press the “connect” button. Your PC will be connected to the JioFi router automatically.

How to connect JioFi to Mobile

Connecting JioFi to mobile is exactly like connecting JioFi to PC.
So if you want to connect JioFi to mobile and other devices, then you can follow the same steps which are given above.

2nd Method:- Connect JioFi to PC with USB cable

If you want to run internet at very high speed in JioFi, then you have to connect your JioFi by USB cable because when you connect JioFi to WiFi you may have to face the problem of slow internet connection but when you connect Jio dongle to PC, Laptop or other devices through USB cable, then you get high internet speed.

When you connect JioFi Router to WiFi and USB cable, you will get to see a significant difference in internet speed.

How to connect Jio dongle to PC with the USB cable

It is very easy to connect JioFi to USB cable. So if you want to connect JioFi to PC (Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 10) using USB cable then connect one end of the USB cable to the JioFi router and the other end to the USB port of PC or Laptop.

Now wait for JioFi to connect to PC, when it shows “Connected to the Internet” then you can start browsing the internet.

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3rd Method― Connect JioFi to PC with WPS (Fastest Method)

WPS is a very good method for connecting JioFi to PC. It is the fastest method to connect JioFi to PC.
The Full form of the WPS is the “Wifi Protected Setup”. Below are the steps to connect JioFi to PC with WPS.

In this method, you have to press the WPS button to connect the JioFi device to PC.

How to connect jiofi to pc with wps

In the above image, you can see that the WPS button is located on the left edge of a JioFi device.

So in this method, you need to turn on your JioFi device and wifi in your PC or Laptop.

How to connect jiofi to pc

After turning ON WiFi in your PC, you will see a similar display then you will see your JioFi wifi name there.

Tick on the “Connect automatically” box! so that you don’t need to do it next time.

After Pressing the WPS button on the JioFi device then in your PC wifi section hit the Connect button!

So it will be easily connected to your JioFi device without any problem.


Here I give you the 3 methods to connect JioFi to PC and the last method is Fastest.
I hope you fully learn “How to connect JioFi to PC” As I promised at the starting of this article.

So tell me in the comment section, I complete my promise or NOT?

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