How To Check JioFi Data Balance in Laptop or PC (Step By Step)

Do you want to check JioFi data balance in PC? But you do not know how we can check the JioFi data balance and JioFi data usage from our PC, then this article is for you.

In this article, I will tell you how you can check the JioFi data balance in Laptop or PC with step by step.

I promise that after reading this article you will be able to easily check the data balance of your JioFi device.

Why do we need to check JioFi data balance?

We want to check the data balance of JioFi because it is possible to know how much data is left and then we use our remaining data accordingly.

Without a mobile or laptop, we cannot see the data balance of the JioFi because the JioFi is an Internet provider device that provides us the internet. It does not have any kind of screen on which we can see the data balance.

In Mobile phone My Jio app is available through which you can see all the settings of JioFi such as how much data is left, information about recharge plan, when is the expiry date of all recharge plan, etc.

You can know everything but if you do not have a mobile then you start thinking that how can we check the data balance of our JioFi from a PC without a mobile, so do not worry, I will tell you everything in this article with step by step.

How to check JioFi data balance in Laptop or PC with step by step

Step–1: First of all, open any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera mini, etc.) on your computer or laptop.

Step–2: Visit the official website of in the browser.

Step–3: Now Click on the “Sign in” button at the top right side.

Step–4: The login form will be open in which you will see the JioFi option under the login form, then simply click on the JioFi option.

Step–5: In Next screen, Enter your Jio Number and Click on “Generate OTP”
(Here you have to enter the Jio number that the Jio SIM is put in your JioFi. When you click on the generated OTP, It will send an OTP to this Jio number, so take out the sim card from your JioFi device and put it in any 4G mobile So that it can get OTP)

Step–6: Now enter the OTP (that you get on your number) and click on Verify.

Step–7: After Verify OTP, Your JioFi data Balance and data usage will show on your screen.

So This is the process to check the JioFi data Balance on Computer or Laptop.

Many people ask how to get OTP for JioFi. So I hope you get the answer in this process that you got OTP when you enter your registered Jio Number.

But in this complete process, one thing that you have to notice that here you have also needed a mobile phone because at the time you had to put OTP, it came on mobile phone in which you put your Sim card that you take out from your JioFi device.

But if you want to know that even without a mobile phone also Can we check JioFi data balance?

My answer is “Yes”

So there is another way that I am going to tell you now.

Step–1: Open any browser in your PC or Laptop and open the JioFi official website jiofi.local.html

Step–2: Now Login to your JioFi account (Note that Username and Password would be “Administrator” if you have not changed it.

Step–2: Then click on the “WAN Information” option.

Step–3: That’s Done! Now You will see your JioFi Download and Upload data usage in Total Data Used in DL and Total Data Used in UL.

So this is the complete information to check JioFi data balance in Laptop or Computer.



Here I give you 2 methods to check JioFi data usage in Laptop or PC.

I hope you learn “How to check JioFi data balance in PC”

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