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2movierulz torrent magnet website is a part of a most popular Torrent website movierulz website. This site is famous for downloading free Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil and Telugu dubbed movies for free.

But if you actually want to download movies from the internet then you need to know about this types of website which support PIRACY.

Let’s know about this website―



2movierulz is another domain name of India’s most popular pirated movies uploading website “Movierulz“. As you know movierulz is a very old torrent website which distribute pirated copies of original films so Indian government blocked this site for creating piracy.

But this website is not stopped at that time because it create many other domain names website like movierulz.in movierulez.net 2movierulz.gs and 2movierulz.ms etc. And 2movierulz.com is also so one of them domain name.

Everyday millions of people searching for latest new Hindi movies, Bollywood and Hollywood movies and when they search this keywords on Google when they found 2movierulz.com telugu website in the Google search results then they click on the website and download their favourite movies from their.

But before downloading any movies from any of the pirated movies downloading website you have complete information of that particular website so read this post till the end because I give you some secret stats about this website―

What types of movies we can download from 2movierulz?

You can download not only Bollywood Hindi movies but also you can download latest new South Indian movies in HD quality. 2movierulz website provide you free telugu movies on its release date and that is the only reason why this website so popular in India.

Here are some popular category that you needs to know–

This website upload movies in various categories like mentioned below:

  • Telugu dubbed movies
  • New Bollywood movies
  • Hindi dubbed movies
  • Hollywood Hindi version movies
  • New Tamil movies
  • Punjabi movies in HD quality

These all categories are available on this telugu website with different types of format like: 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p etc.

Is 2movierulz website safe or not?

Like movierulz website, 2movierulz telugu site is also spreading Online piracy around the internet by leaking new released movies on its website. This website shows also so many ads on their website which is very harmful for users device.

Because of these unknown huge advertisements they can put malware and viruses in our system so we can get lost our data while downloading a single movie from this piracy site.

Are we safe while downloading movies from 2movierulz?

No, you are not safe because you can lost your system data while downloading movies these websites have very dangerous advertisments on their website😟

Is This website still available in 2020?

When I searched “2movierulz” on Google then I did not found any official website in all top 10 google SERP pages. It means this website is not available on the internet because probably this website also has been removed by Google for creating piracy among their users.

Now we can say that 2movierulz telugu website is not available in 2020 on the internet. As you know movierulz site has different url to download movies, same like this site also create many different domains to download free movies which is giving in the next heading―

2movierulz New URL of 2020

This website is a part of a big pirated site “Movierulz” which is blocked this time but it has a big team of website developers that launch new movierulz urls daily. Its team is very active because when a domain is blocked by our government then this team create and launch new domain on the internet.

This is the only reason why our government is not able to caught movierulz website owner because he is very clever and spreading piracy by their website.

Some of the 2movierulz new links also available on the internet that list is given below―

  • 2movierulz.ch
  • 2movierulz.tv
  • 2movierulz.ac
  • 2movierulz.gs
  • 2movierulz.max, ps, gs, plz, ct, st, pl, wap etc.

Can I access 2movierulz website with VPN?

Some of the movie lovers who knows that piracy is a illegal thing but they still use some tricks watch movies online with the help of VPN or proxy servers techniques but I do not recommend you to use any VPN to use this website because our government has blocked website because of stopping piracy.

There are a lot of website on the internet that suggest you to use VPN like: Turbo VPN and Power VPN but I request you to use only legal methods to download movies from the internet.

2movierulz App

There are an Android app also available for users to gain more fast speed comparing to website. This mobile app provide you good experience and clean design. You can feel that app has also option to watch Telugu movies in hd or non-hd formats like- 1080p, 720p, 480p etc.

New Leaked Tamil Movies on 2movierulz

Here are some latest new 2020 tamil movies currently released on this website―

Madha O Pitta Katha
Palasa 1978 3 Monkeys
Bheesma Hit
World Famous Lovee Pressure Cooker
Jaanu Aswathama

How this website earn money?🤔

2movierulz.com telugu website mostly make money through advertisement like pop up ads. There are many pop up advertisement that are blinking every time on its site and when user click on this ads, they get Commission of it.

Mostly this website only use popup advertisement because other ad networks does not allowed to show their ads on this website. So they are mostly when you comes from this pop up media advertisement companies.

2movierulz Alternative Websites

2movierulz is not the only website which leaks movies for free download. There are plenty of similar websites on the internet which also leaks original movies on their site on the release date of that movie. Some of the similar sites are movierulz2, 3movierulz, Rdxhd, downloadhub, hubflix, Naarockers etc.

Legal website to watch and download movies online

I highly recommend you to use this legal website like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Zee5 to watch online movies from the internet because this website is completely legal safe for you.

But you need to take a monthly subscription plan of that particular website for watching your favorite movies but it is worth of it because these all legal website gives you high quality full HD movies to access any time from your computer or smartphone.

2movierulz Website Reviews and Some Insights

On Mouthshut website, there are many real people who share their thoughts about 2movirulz website they also give their good and bad opinion about this site. Mostly people say that it has a lot of spam ads which are not suitable for anyone.

2movierulz tv
2movierulz website reviews

When a new movie is released officially in theatre then this site upload that movie in the next day but when we come to this website to download that new released movie.

But the reality is to find the proper link to download that movie it takes approx 15 minutes because this website redirect on another many websites and when we click back and back again and come back to the site then and it display many pop up ads on our screen which is very time consuming. Sometimes when we play a movie then it play a different movie and movie name below that video shows different.

So we can say that the download link that given on this website is not very advisable and true it contains totally spammy ads so we have to face a bunch of problems while downloading movies from 2movierulz.

The site giving bad experience to users

This website has a lot of pirated movies and when you go to this site and open any movie then you will be directed to to many spam websites and it opens many pop up ads and 18+ ads which looks very spammy. This types of ads let there user afraid to open this website in front of India friends and family because it looks some dirty content. Thus 2movierulz website gives their uses very bad experience.

2movierulz website create confusion in users

This website change their domain name from time to time because our government blocked this type of pirated website from the internet for creating pirated version of original movies.

When a user come to this website to watch online movies like Malayalam movies, new telugu movies or to download latest new released movies, it gets very longer load times to load that particular movie so we can say that if you want to watch online movies free then you have to do some struggle on this type of website.

For Example: sometimes ago, 2movierulz.tv was a very popular URL among movie lovers but after sometime it change into 2movierulz.ac and then 2movierulz.me so a lot of people confused that what is the real website where we can actually free online movies.

Still This website has a decent traffic

Inspite of a number of problems, everyday people come to this site to download new movies in HD quality. The reason behind its popularity is that 2movierulz wap uploads approx all types of movies, whether it is a Hollywood movie in Hindi and English or at any South Indian movie. There are a good quality of content available on this website is the reason of its popularity.

On this website TV shows and web series are also available in good quality but mostly people come to this site to watch Malayalam movies, Kannada movies, Telugu movies, Indian Hindi films which is good resource of entertainment.

All Time Popular 2movierulz URL

Below are given some most popular domain which remains from many long time on internet so I feel that you must know about these links―


I am giving you a true suggestion that this domain is literally more popular than other domain name of this website. When this site launch, this URL become very famous in a very short time. So we can say that 2movierulz.gs domain is a long time existing site on internet.


This is the official domain of this telugu website. It has become very popular for download new and old telugu movies.


Mostly people believe that if any URL that famous after .gs domain than it is one of that only domain because it gain more popularity in less time.


This is an anothor link of this pirated website which is also illegal like others but one thing that I mention here that this URL give faster speed and less ads in comparison to others.


On this site we did not get any speed releted issue because its server is really very powerful while huge audience base come to this website daily.



In this article I tried to give you full review of 2movierulz website. If you have any questions then you can ask me in the comment section. If you find this information useful then please share it on social media.

This article is a sum of my research about this website and all points that have mentioned in this post are researched well before it publish.
Thanks for reading… ❤️

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